Mission Control

Mission Control

PioneerRx is the nucleus that integrates the most cutting-edge technologies

Ensure the smoothest, most high-functioning pharmacy system within your store. The foundation is comprehensive software, which is supported by our relevant and user-friendly mobile applications, then further enhanced by other innovative technologies and automation. PioneerRx integrates seamlessly with a variety of vendors to connect you to the latest tools and allow you to customize the best pharmacy system for your business goals.

Technology to Strengthen

Your Pharmacy System


Technology to Strengthen Your Pharmacy


Mobile Support

Mobile Support

PioneerRx has developed several mobile applications to support a complete pharmacy system.

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Streamlined and HIPAA Compliant

The Drive-Thru Mobile App collects electronic signatures right on an iPad and syncs them into your PioneerRx pharmacy system. All signatures remain in file, ensuring that the process is HIPAA compliant.

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Mobile Delivery

Complex Process Made Simple

For some pharmacies, delivery is a large part of the pharmacy management system. PioneerRx Mobile Delivery enables drivers to pre-plan the most efficient route, accept credit card payments, and process information needed for controlled substances – all from a smartphone or tablet!

Image of PioneerRx Patient Counseling App

Patient Counseling

Information at Your Fingertips

Patient counseling is such an integral part of the pharmacy system that pharmacists should be ready to perform wherever they are in the store. Mobile Patient Counseling gives pharmacists access to patient profiles and notes from their iPad or mobile device, so that they can quickly reference these items anywhere. The notes and changes made to the profile are then synced back into PioneerRx. The counseling app also gives pharmacists access to their patients’ report cards, so that they can see progress over time.

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Mobile Inventory

Management That Makes Sense

Inventory management is one of the most important non-patient facing activities in the pharmacy. PioneerRx’s Mobile Inventory Application allows your staff to manage inventory in real-time right from their smartphone. Log inventory counts into the app, which then syncs wirelessly back into the pharmacy system. The app can check prescriptions into Will Call, check in wholesale shipments, organize inventory bins, and capture pill images to be used for verification.

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Pharmacy Systems in Action

Step-by-Step Guides to Enhance Your Pharmacy Services

A popular way to expand your pharmacy’s services is to offer point-of-care testing and administer vaccinations - and your PioneerRx pharmacy system can help you streamline this additional workflow. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacists have been recognized as a valuable healthcare provider that does more than just dispense prescriptions. If you are looking to start vaccinating or POC testing at your pharmacy, start your checklist by reading our step-by-step certification guides with state-specific resources. 

Pharmacy System Integrated Vendors


Industry Partners

Industry Partners

The PioneerRx management system features powerful tools that are made even better by integrated technologies. Consider including the following in your pharmacy system.

Automation & Robotics
Patient Education
Compliance Packaging
Point-of-Care Testing

Tech Spotlight

Tech Spotlight

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Integrated Pharmacy System Technology: Adherence Packaging

Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills, CA is improving their patients’ adherence through the use of different compliance packaging options. Owner Jeff Gross admits that while it is no easy task to get patients to switch over to this form of packaging, it’s always worth it in the end. “It does require a fair amount of steps but once we get them on it, in general, they don't go off. People that are on it are very happy with it,” he says.

So how do they recruit new patients to sign up? “We're talking to our synchronization patients and letting them know it's out there,” Gross notes. Patients already enrolled in med sync are the prime candidates for using adherence packaging, because they have multiple prescriptions ready to be packaged in daily doses. Providing adherence packaging improves patient health while in turn improving the efficiency of your pharmacy.

Pharmacy Laws & Regulations

Need an easier way to keep up with new pharmacy-related laws and regulations being passed in your state? Check out our Pharmacy Laws & Regulations resource page for frequent updates on the latest legislation being passed - both on a federal and state level.


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