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At Integral Rx, we believe in simplicity.

That’s why we make it easy for pharmacists to get the high-quality supplies and generic drugs they need to keep their businesses running smoothly. With affordable prices and customer service focused on helping you succeed, our mission is to anticipate your needs, be responsive to your requests, and make stocking your shelves a quick and simple process. Put simply, we’re a secondary source with a primary focus ­– providing independent pharmacies high-quality products at low prices.

Rx Supplies

As one of the leading custom pharmacy product suppliers in the country, Integral Rx provides a variety of configuration options for prescription labels, long-term care forms, pharmacy bags, medication cards, vials, and more!

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Adherence, Pharmacy Supplies

Integral Rx – 7/28 Day Tri-Fold Cards

Dose Cards

A valuable tool for patients and caregivers to increase medication adherence.

The tri-fold, 7-day, 28-dose cards are easily assembled using cold seal application with XL blister and foam trays, and can be used with Integral Rx Adherence Packaging Labels. Folded size is 6″ x 10″. Meets Class B container requirements. Available for shipment in cartons of 250.

Integral Rx – Prescription Labels

Pharmacy Supplies

Integral Rx is committed to providing the essential supplies pharmacies use each and every day.

We simplify the ordering process by offering everything a business needs, from custom pharmacy bags and proprietary adherence packaging to physician’s notes and medication carts — and everything in between. That includes a wide range of prescription labels and other supplies that will work with any pharmacy software or automated dispensing system.

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