Pharmacy Laws
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State and Federal Legislative News for Independent Pharmacy

The world of pharmacy is constantly evolving. For independent community pharmacies, the fight to stay in business is rooted in the widespread recognition of pharmacists as valuable healthcare providers. As new laws and regulations pass, and pharmacists are granted greater responsibilities and opportunities, it is important to keep up with these updates and apply them to your own practice.

It’s also important to ask yourself - “Can my software keep up with the wave?” “Does it allow me to quickly adapt and take advantage of new opportunities?” For PioneerRx Pharmacy Software users, the answer is “yes.” PioneerRx is actively involved in the industry and develops innovative and easy-to-use software features in response to new legislation and current trends.

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Ways to Get Involved



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Step 1

Educate Yourself

Stay informed with the latest pharmacy news and ongoing legislative updates. Click on your state name above to get started. (Tip: Bookmark this page for easy access!)

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Step 2

Stay Connected

Follow your state Board of Pharmacy website and social media to stay connected. Click on your state name above to find website and contact information for your state Board of Pharmacy.

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Step 3

Join Organizations

Join local and national pharmacy organizations to stay involved in advocacy and communicate with your professional peers.

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Step 4

Spread the Word

Talk to your local legislative officials and let them know what struggles you and other pharmacists are facing. They won’t know unless you tell them!

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