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VUCA Health has created the largest and most robust medication video library in the world to address low health literacy.

Despite the growing complexity of medications and the advancement of technology, most medication information is delivered today the way it was decades ago. VUCA Health is changing this paradigm by delivering a medication experience like none other; a digital experience to support patients and their families, when they need it and in the media format of their choice. For more than 20 years, the term “VUCA” has been used to describe the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity that can be created during military engagements and strategic business planning. Setting the stage for strong management and leadership practices, these conditions have long shaped organizations’ capacity to manage risks, foster change, solve problems and plan for the future.

A Gateway to Patient Engagement

More than one-third of adults in the U.S. struggle with following directions on prescription drug labels and other common health tasks. As a result, many patients don’t take their medications as prescribed. Contributing to this medication misuse is low health literacy, which is linked to a higher risk of emergency room visits, hospitalizations and even death.

Our Goal

It all comes down to improving health literacy. At VUCA Health, we believe that patients who are empowered with reliable and understandable information are better able to participate in care decisions and self-manage their health. This is particularly true with medication adherence, which improves when patients can easily and conveniently access information about their prescriptions…which is why we are focused on creating an atmosphere where healthcare providers can actively engage patients.

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Vuca Health – MedsOnCue

Digital Medication Information
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VUCA Health is dedicated to reducing this waste by providing an eco-friendly, digital alternative to printed medication information.

With the largest library of educational prescription drug videos, VUCA Health’s MedsOnCue solution allows patients to access their medication information digitally. MedsOnCue’s integration with PioneerRx pharmacy software produces a QR code on prescription labels, which patients scan to access the video. By enabling this service in your pharmacy system, pharmacies can see direct ROI through savings on paper and toner. VUCA Health works with Executive Directors and State Boards of Pharmacies to ensure that MedsOnCue is an appropriate alternative to printed patient education.

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