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Noritsu’s field-proven compliance packaging systems and hands-on partnership enable pharmacies to streamline operations while offering improved accuracy and versatility to caregivers, giving back time, money, and market share.

Many pharmacies struggle with outdated technology and manual production processes, causing a domino effect of inefficiencies in the pharmacy, medication administration, and patient compliance.  

Noritsu learns about your business and tailors solutions to meet the needs of your specific pharmacy.

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Adherence, Automation

NV Series Verifiers

Automated Verification
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State-of-the-art, high-speed detection with an attached sorter means you can spend less time handling your pouches, and more time with your clients.

Using patented technology, the NV series of medication detection machines checks each pouch visually against a custom library built using your own formulary. Pouches are imaged and verified using high-speed cameras, making sure the right pills are going to the right patient.

Benjamin Tray Loading System

Automation Accessories
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The Benjamin system works in conjunction with your NX or Z Series pouch packaging system to offer a safe, fast, and easy-to-use method to add split-dose, one-off, and less frequently used meds to your workflow.

NX Series Pouch Packagers

Strip Pouch Packagers
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The NX Series packagers feature a unique design, engineered around your workflow. Predictive software tells operators the most efficient time to add cassette or tray stock so your workflow remains continuous and highly efficient. The space-saving and ergonomic vertical drawer design stores and secures up to 400 unique oral solid NDC cassettes and is expandable up to 1,000 with our unique “U2” zone feature. The cabinet design allows for easy refilling and stock rotation, while the exclusive “Intelligent Feeder” system ensures accuracy.

Z Series Pouch Packagers

Strip Pouch Packagers
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The Z Series is the latest in our line of automated strip pouch packagers, designed around the evolving needs of facilities. Compact, fast, and accurate, the Z Series is available in three configurations to meet the production and space requirements of nearly any location.


Vial Count and Fill
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Imagine a world where counting and filling medication vials is no longer a tedious and time-consuming task. Our state-of-the-art machine is designed to simplify your process, enabling you to focus on what matters most: providing exceptional care to your patients. Compact and scalable, the CountAssist can grow with your business. Easily installed against a wall or at the end of a bay and requiring minimal space for operation, the CountAssist is a great solution no matter what the size of your operation.

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