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Suncrest Solutions revolutionizes pharmacy operations through the power of automated will-call technology, seamlessly integrated with PioneerRx. With smart pharmacy solutions like HangRx for automated will-call and DisplayRx for patient notifications and advertising, Suncrest has led the way in boosting pharmacy efficiency for more than 15 years.

Our commitment to innovation simplifies and automates tasks boosting, productivity, profitability, and satisfaction for both staff and customers. We pride ourselves on a streamlined process from initial contact to installation, guaranteeing smooth integration. Our expert team specializes in advanced pharmacy solutions that focus on reducing risks, optimizing workflow, and enhancing the customer experience, embodying our core values of simplicity and efficiency.

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Suncrest Solutons - HangRx

HangRx, the Automated Pharmacy Will Call Solution
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This innovative system facilitates fast and effective storage, retrieval, and return to stock, integrating seamlessly with your Pharmacy Management System (PMS) for instantaneous will-call tracking. Simplify the process through a scan, hang, and walk-away mechanism for effortless storage, complemented by a light-and-locate feature for rapid retrieval. Featuring durable, clear bags organized in a clear hang-up system, HangRx enhances orderliness and accessibility. Its unique light-up handle color system, with 35 distinct combinations, allows for efficient multi-user retrieval. Barcode tracking further ensures precise linking of each bag to its corresponding patient and prescription, epitomizing a blend of technological sophistication and operational efficiency.

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