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Community Led Specialty Pharmacy CareTM
Vendor Summary

A comprehensive solution to accessing and providing specialty care at the retail level.

Tap into the 100 billion dollar specialty market with our full service specialty solution and gain access to the latest clinical expertise, tools, software and training to maximize quality outcomes for patients. KloudScript is a specialty pharmacy service business model that enables essential interactions between patients, prescribers, payors, and pharma on behalf of independent retail pharmacies (IRPs). This is a restorative change in the market, allowing patients to receive specialty care locally. KloudScript’s approach allows our pharmacy partners to compel the industry stakeholders to look at a better, faster, and more cost efficient alternative to providing specialty care, one in which the patient is at the center.

Our Care Model

KloudScript’s specialty at retail care model prevails by not only dominating the patient centric approach but also by making it easy for our pharmacy partners to enter the specialty services space. KloudScript enables entry to specialty with limited capital investments and removes the barriers of time to market delays. With KloudScript, all of the expansive infrastructure and capabilities of specialty pharmacies are no longer out of the reach of an independent retail pharmacy entrepreneur. IRPs can leverage KloudScript services to re-enter the $100 billion specialty market, which is crucial to their growth and survival. By empowering IRPs to provide specialty medications to patients, KloudScript will facilitate a high-touch patient care experience from someone they know: their local pharmacist.

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