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Cardinal Health is a distributor of pharmaceuticals, a global manufacturer and distributor of medical and laboratory products, and a provider of performance and data solutions for healthcare facilities. With 50 years in business, operations in 30 countries, and approximately 46,500 employees globally, Cardinal Health is essential to care. Information about Cardinal Health is available at

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Adherence, Front End, Immunizations, Inventory, Pharmacy Supplies, Reconciliation, Specialty, Wholesalers

Cardinal Health™️ Inventory Manager (CIM)

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CIM is a web-based solution, providing greater visibility and control to pharmacy inventory. Our automated approach provides tools helping to reduce excess inventory and increase turns, while reducing the amount of time staff spend on inventory tasks.

Dispill®️-USA Medication Adherence Packaging System

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A low-cost multi-dose compliance packaging solution that helps differentiate your pharmacy in the market by providing your patients with a way to ensure that they are taking the right medication and right dose at the right time.

Modern Payment Processing

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Benefits include affordable processing rates, easy to use intuitive dashboards, reporting at-a-glance, and the convenience to track sales whether online or in the store. Modern Payment Processing takes the pressure off independent pharmacies to individually validate their PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance because Square is PCI certified.

Together, Cardinal Health and Square are committed to supporting your payment processing needs, so you never miss a sale.

Retail Independent Pharmacy

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Grow your business, make more time for patients, and thrive in a quickly changing market. With an award-winning supply chain and suite of innovative solutions, we have the tools and resources to expand your business and improve healthcare in your community.

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