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P4 Technologies offers a sophisticated yet affordable inventory replenishment and forecasting tool

While tools for inventory management and forecasting have been available to service wholesalers and large retail chains for several years, sophisticated tools of this nature have not been available to most of the supply chain. This is why Ken Palmer founded P4 Technologies. He envisions making sophisticated inventory optimization tools available to all parties in the supply chain.

The P4 Solution

With historical demand patterns and real-time pricing, P4 uses predictive analytics to provide the user with a comprehensive, value-driven inventory control system. With its user-friendly interface, completely customizable screens, and intuitive controls, it is easy to understand how your money is being invested.

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P4 Technologies – Inventory Solutions

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The P4 solution is a sophisticated, cloud-based software platform that uses scientific forecasting and replenishment tools to better manage a pharmacy’s inventory.

Demand patterns in a pharmacy vary by day of week and day of month. Some drugs have seasonal patterns and others don’t. Demand for certain drugs is growing while demand for others is shrinking. As you know, many drugs are very costly. Doesn’t it make sense to forecast all of these demand patterns to not only save money, but provide your patients with the best possible service and care? P4 makes all of this easy for you. P4Rx is a total purchasing system, optimizing your inventory to maximize profits.  With unique features such as our patient specific forecasting, SMART COUNT Cycle Count and the ability to manage the front-end merchandise; our inventory solutions are second to none.

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