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From its inception PAS has been a pioneer in the healthcare consumable industry with a focus of addressing the three major needs of our customers:  Products, Price, and Service. With over 20 high speed flexographic printers equipped with turret rewinders, printheads capable of digital printing, and the highest quality optical and error detection systems we pride ourselves on delivering products that will perform no matter the application or environment they're being used in.

Price & Service

Our goal is to set the bar on price that all others in the industry are measured against.  We accomplish through continuous investment in technology designed to increase efficiency and eliminate waste combined with our commitment to a business model of inside/e-commerce sales that helps us keep a lower overhead than competition. We recognize that our products are counted on to perform in critical healthcare settings and that if you have a question, concern, or issue it often needs immediate attention. You can reach us Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM via phone or any of the other methods listed here.

Product & Services


Adherence, Pharmacy Supplies

PAS – 1 Piece Cold Seal Unit Dose Card

Blister Card
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Pharmacy Automation Supplies is your source for unit and multi-dose compliance blister cards.

A cold seal monthly unit dose blister card with high capacity blisters. Cold seal 31 cavity unit dose packaging available in multiple blister sizes with calendar or countdown options. One-piece construction with blisters affixed to the card itself for ease of use. Available in both heat seal and cold seal varieties, and with a variety of blister cavity depths, bingo cards are a unique tool for patients and caregivers to increase medication adherence.  Contact us if we can help you find the right card for your and your patient's needs or if you'd like to see samples.

PAS - FlexRx Lite

Blister Compliance Card
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Patient and drug-specific information is populated directly through PioneerRx, eliminating the need for 3rd party or middle-ware software solutions.

Cold seal application allows for manual fill and also compatible with SynMed Automation. High capacity blisters with detachable cavities for patient portability that hold an entire week’s worth of medication with 4 available time passes per day.

PAS – Rx Labels

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For 100+ years PAS has been manufacturing prescription labels of all shapes and sizes.

With 20 high-speed flexographic presses complete with digital capabilities we offer the industry’s largest selection of labels. No matter the application, size, quantity needed, or artwork we know you’ll be satisfied. With tens of thousands of available formats not listed here don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help you find what you’re looking for.

PAS - Qube 31

Multiple Medication 1 Month Dose Blister
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Qube 31: Compatible with SynMed Automation.

Qube 31 is designed to hold a month’s worth of multiple medications and is perfect for pharmacies looking to offer patients a calendarized adherence packaging option. Use one card for multiple medications taken once daily or two cards for multiple medications taken twice daily.

PAS – Qube Weekly

Multiple Prescription Blisters
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Package an entire week’s worth of medication in high-capacity blisters.

The Qube compliance package improves adherence and confidence for patients managing multiple prescriptions. Cold seal application eliminates the need for heat seal presses and allows for manual filling. It is also available in smaller size (Qube Mini) and compatible with SynMed Automation.

PAS – Rx Bags

Paper Prescription Bags
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Available with the custom imprinting of your choice or with stock/generic printing, our wide selection of popular sizes can help support your operations.

With a variety of popular sizes to choose from PAS’ selection of paper bags are a great solution for your business.  Available in clay coated gloss, white kraft, and brown kraft our recyclable paper these bags are used by pharmacies, veterinary clinics, marijuana and cannabis dispensaries, and more.   All sizes are available as stock (both unprinted and with generic text) or can be fully customized and printed to help brand your business or to advertise products/services.

PAS - Pill Boxes

Pill boxes
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PAS pill boxes are compatible with all strip/pouch packagers and available in 5 different sizes for weekly and monthly dispensing.

When using strip and pouch packaging in a retail or long term care pharmacy it’s essential to find the right way to dispense it to patients. PAS offers three convenient sizes for daily, weekly, and monthly packages in both generic/unprinted as well as fully customizable so you can promote your brand and services. PAS pill boxes are: Designed to hold one week of medication, have a glossy clay coat finish, and are ideal for use in both Retail & Long Term Care settings.

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