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First Databank (FDB) Empowers Medical Decision-Making

First Databank is the leading provider of drug databases that are integrated into HIT systems. We create innovative solutions to meet clinical and other healthcare business decision support needs. And, we’ve launched a new database platform to help improve the identification, utilization, and tracking of medical devices. First Databank (FDB) is the leading provider of drug and medical device knowledge that helps healthcare professionals make precise decisions. We empower our information system developer partners to deliver valuable, useful, and differentiated solutions used by millions of clinicians, business associates, and patients every day. For more than four decades, our medical knowledge has helped improve patient safety, operational efficiency, and healthcare outcomes. For a complete look at our solutions and services, please visit and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Our Vision

We’re propelling population health, personalized medicine, and whatever comes next. In fact, right now, we’re creating a new “patient first” approach to drug decision support. Developing genetics-based medication care guidance. Exploring cloud-based information exchange. And turning seamless interoperability from aspiration into reality.

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Adherence, Data Management

First Databank – MedKnowledge

Drug Database
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FDB MedKnowledge: More than a drug database, MedKnowledge provides pharmacies a robust, reliable, and effective medication decision support solution.

As the most widely used and relied upon drug knowledge base in the United States and Canada, FDB MedKnowledge™ provides actionable medication decision support in PioneerRx pharmacy software and across the healthcare continuum. MedKnowledge provides medication decision support including: drug-drug interactions, drug-allergy interactions, duplicate-therapy detection, drug-disease contraindications, and more. In addition, MedKnowledge provides patient-education monographs, professional drug reference information, prioritized patient-counseling messages, and prescription warning labels.

First Databank – Meducation

Medication Information
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FDB’s award-winning Meducation solution is now available as a 60 day trial for PioneerRx customers! Check out what the excitement is all about for yourself.

Meducation® by FDB is a comprehensive medication information resource developed with the fundamental mission to reduce medication errors and improve medication adherence for all patients—regardless of language barriers, age, or complexity. Unlike any other solution on the market, Meducation dynamically creates simplified instructions and calendar summaries using patient-specific information. All material is written at a 5th to 8th grade reading level with supporting pictograms, available in a range of font sizes, and nearly 30 languages.

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