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Kirby Lester technology is part of the pharmacy automation unit of Capsa Healthcare, based in Portland, OR.

Since 1971, Kirby Lester technology has reduced counting errors at a fraction of the cost of other automated dispensing devices. With systems that pay for themselves in months instead of years, Kirby Lester technology delivers the best quality control and return on investment possible. For pharmacies seeking labor savings, error reduction, and streamlined efficiency, any Kirby Lester system provides immediate benefits.

Why Kirby Lester?

Along with our simple, world-renowned pill counters, we offer systems with the latest in efficiency and safety like software that alerts pharmacy technicians if they’re about to make a filling error, devices for controlled medication counting and inventory, pharmacy management system interfacing, and pharmacy robots. We even provide a durable counting machine for many industries like pharmaceutical manufacturing, agriculture, even law enforcement. And as long as our customers have a need to operate safer, simpler and smarter, we'll provide the right technology. You can count on it.

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Automation, Inventory

Kirby Lester – KL108 Secure Robot

Pharmacy Dispensing Robot
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Kirby Lester KL108 is the ideal pharmacy robot for mid- to high-volume retail and hospital outpatient pharmacies.

The KL108 efficiently manages the complete filling of your most common tablets and capsules (50-60% or more of total daily orders) via newly designed universal cassettes that require no technician calibration. Security is heightened with 108 high-moving tablets or capsules stored in double-locked cassettes. Your staff is freed up to focus on value-added activity. The KL108 interfaces seamlessly with PioneerRx Pharmacy Software.

Kirby Lester – KL1

Pill Counting Device
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Kirby Lester KL1 is the pharmacy industry’s smallest, simplest, and fastest pill counter.

Its compact size fits into even the most crowded pharmacy and narcotics vault. Trusted across the globe, the unique KL1 counts almost any tablet or capsule quickly, conveniently and accurately. The KL1 pill counter is such a simple tool for daily prescription filling, but it is also essential for inventory counting—accurate cycle counts are the cornerstone of a perpetual inventory software’s integrity. The KL1 is also an assurance tool for controlled medication handling (manual counting is only 95% accurate at best). Kirby Lester is pharmacy automation from Capsa Healthcare.

Kirby Lester – KL1Plus

Streamlined Automated Counting Device
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KL1Plus interfaces with PioneerRx Pharmacy Software for a streamlined transfer of necessary data.

The Kirby Lester KL1Plus combines the simplicity of a famous Kirby Lester tablet counter with computerized scan-verification to safeguard against prescription filling errors. The KL1Plus is ideal for: Inventory Counting, accurate cycle counts are essential for a perpetual inventory software’s integrity, controlled Medication Handling: Manual counting is only 95% accurate at best, with no record of what was filled, Full Automation Robot Partner: KL1Plus handles everything else for 100% medication verification and peace of mind.

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