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What Makes Us Different?

We believe in challenging conventional wisdom, upending the status quo, and developing technology that will define the future. RxSafe is the leader in robotic automation that improves patient safety and boosts profitability for chain, independent retail and health system pharmacies.

Elevate Workflow Efficiency & Patient Care

Our solutions are designed to liberate users from time-consuming tasks like pill counting and manual verification, allowing them to channel their energy where it truly matters – connecting with and caring for patients.

Our comprehensive range of pharmacy automation systems includes user-friendly strip pouch and blister card adherence packaging, secure storage and retrieval technology, plus pill counting with built-in verification solutions.

We are dedicated to revolutionizing the way pharmacies operate, improving the experience for pharmacists and their patients.

Contact us today to find out how RxSafe automation can transform your pharmacy.

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Adherence, Automation, Inventory Management

RxSafe - RapidCardRx

Blister Card Filling
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The RapidCardRx™  functions without calibration - meaning no more calibrated cassettes. All meds, all cards, and no hand filling.

Experience the unparalleled, adherence packaging automation technology of the RapidCardRx™ with built-in vision inspection. The RapidCardRx is configurable to fill any blister card format, multi-med / single-med using up to 20, 30 or 40 “smart” universal cartridges that dispense all oral solid medications such as clear gel caps, half tabs, new generics, etc. — without calibration. Med cycles are completely configurable at the lowest possible cost. No “pill-at-a-time” loading. Plus, no more errors from hand filling trays or cards. All meds, all card types (single or multi-med).

RxSafe – VisionRx

Pill Counting
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VisionRx™ is THE next-generation pill counter with built-in pill verification and / remote final check.

Achieve workload balancing with the next-generation pill counting of the VisionRx™—count and verify every pill (including clear gel caps) safely & securely from anywhere. Capture clear, accurate images of every pill on the counting tray, label on the vial, and pills in the vial for every vial-filled script or pre-pack—all with built-in pill verification.

Workload balancing, enabled by the VisionRx, means that machine verified digitized images allow PV2 functions to be shared by other pharmacists in a variety of settings. PV2 can be conducted securely: 1) in the store where the script is filled by a pharmacist onsite, at his or her workstation—without handling the product, 2) in another store that isn’t busy, 3) in a central fill location, 4) by a pharmacist working from home (over a secure network). Whichever option you choose, VisionRx makes PV2 functions much easier to manage, much more efficient, and much less expensive. The result is reduced cost, improved patient safety, better workload balancing, faster service, and happier patients with all steps recorded and images saved.

RxSafe – RapidPakRx

Pouch Packaging
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Experience the unparalleled adherence packaging automation technology of the RapidPakRx™. No more trays or remote tray filling stations.

No more down time to load trays. Plus, no more errors from hand filling trays—the RapidPakRx runs 20 “smart” bulk-loaded universal cartridges that dispense all oral solid medications such as gel caps, half tabs, new generics, etc.—without calibration. Run a 30-day med cycle in as little as 10 minutes, on demand. The system’s unique, 3-step integrated machine vision verification system means one-pass workflow, unmatched accuracy, and significantly lower operating cost. No need to stock expensive inventory. There’s less inventory cost, less expiration waste, and no refills during a run. Cleaning is far less time consuming.

RxSafe – 1800 w/ AWS

Vial Filling, Secure Inventory Management and High-Density Storage
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RxSafe 1800™ is the leader in automated, high-density robotic storage and retrieval of stock bottles.

It represents a revolutionary leap in the scope of robotic pharmacy automation technology and automated drug dispensing systems because it goes beyond open shelf and drawer-based systems. Unlike vial filling robots that hold a small percentage of your formulary, an RxSafe system can securely hold virtually all of your oral solid stock bottles—up to 5,400 stock bottles in 40 square feet. Users report that a single operator can routinely fill at an effective rate of over 100 scripts per hour. Since the RxSafe 1800 now comes with an RxAWS™ (Auxiliary Workstation), checking in inventory, filling prescriptions, and accessing reports can be accomplished simultaneously without disruption.

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