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PickPoint’s products allow customers to optimize the dispensing processes to improve patient outcomes.

At PickPoint, our mission is like our products, uncomplicated. We strive to create pharmacy technology solutions that are the most affordable, reliable, efficient and productivity-enhancing options on the market, while ensuring patient safety. PickPoint is built on the principle that only superior customer service allows a company to grow and prosper. Our corporate culture requires each employee to place the needs of the customer first and to conduct business with integrity. One of our customers described the company perfectly: “PickPoint is much more than a technology company, it is a company with a human pulse.”

Safety & Efficiency

With its lighted Will Call System and Remote Dispensing System, PickPoint is the leading provider of intelligent pharmacy solutions in the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Caribbean, and South America. Our Products have earned accolades along with the following awards: ASHP Excellence in Medication Use Safety Award for ANMC Telepharmacy Project, and AMSUS Circle of Excellence Award for ANMC Telepharmacy Project.

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PickPoint – intelePharmacy WCS

Will Call System
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PickPoint is a leading technology company specializing in automated prescription workflow/will call/messaging systems.

PickPoint’s intelepharmacy WCS is the industry’s first – and Best! – LED-light-guided will call system.  PickPoint’s WCS fits any size pharmacy, resulting in increased accuracy and efficiency, improved inventory management, reduced RTS, and a cleaner appearance. With its enhanced integration with PioneerRx, PickPoint’s WCS can automatically keep patients informed about their prescription status via text, voice, email, or web, and it can even automate prescription claim reversals via single RTS bar code scan. Together with PickPoint’s self-service patient check-in and concierge-level POS extensions, patients benefit by having enhanced safety, improved communication, and shorter wait times – resulting in improved patient retention and increased pharmacy profitability.

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