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En-Vision America is a company that provides high-tech, problem-solving products for the visually impaired.

The company has spearheaded many tagging-related innovations, including voice-enabled products like i.d. mate, the talking barcode reader, and ScriptAbility, which includes prescription labels in Braille, large print and talking. Originally founded by Philip C. and David B. Raistrick in 1996, the cornerstone of the company is built on a single premise: to provide people with visual impairments equal access and greater independence through technology.

Our History

Founded in 1996, the cornerstone of En-Vision America is based on one single premise: to provide those with vision impairment equal access and greater independence through technology.

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En-Vision America – ScriptAbility Braille

Embossed Adhesive Label
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ScriptAbility offers Braille labels as an additional solution for accessible pharmacy labels.

These labels help ensure compliance and adherence for your blind and visually impaired patients who read Braille. These labels provide quick identification of medications and are often used together with ScripTalk Talking Labels for accessing all of the information on the legal label. These accessible labels are available in an easy-to-access Grade 2 Braille that is on a clear adhesive that fits over the pharmacy labels. You select the data to emboss.

En-Vision America – ScriptAbility ScriptView

Large Print Labels
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ScriptAbility ScriptView labels close this gap and deliver results that can be seen.

ScriptView large print labels are booklet-style labels held together by a Script Clip. Prescription information prints in a large font, high-contrast text on non-glare labels. Patients can also hear the prescription information audibly with the ScriptView app by scanning a QR code on the label. ScriptView large print labels contain the same prescription details such as drug name, dosage, instructions, warnings, contraindications, pharmacy information, doctor name, prescription number, and date. Offering ScriptView labels restores independence to your patients, and reinforces trust in your independent retail pharmacy.

En-Vision America – ScriptAbility ScripTalk

Prescription Reader
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Every pharmacy has patients who struggle with adherence and compliance due to trouble reading their prescription label.

En-Vision America sought to close this gap by creating the ScriptAbility ScripTalk prescription reader. ScripTalk prescription reader and RFID label are a text-to-speech solution for patients with low to no vision. Using the ScriptAbility software, pharmacists program the ScripTalk RFID label and place it on a patient’s medication. At home, a ScripTalk Station prescription reader is used to recite all of the information printed on pharmacy labels aloud, allowing patients to accurately and independently identify their prescription medications. The ScripTalk Station is loaned to patients by En-Vision America at no charge. This reader works with any prescription displaying a ScripTalk label at the touch of a button. Drug name, dosage, instructions, warnings, contraindications, pharmacy information, doctor name, prescription number, date, and more are read audibly, ensuring patients are not missing any information.

En-Vision America – ScriptAbility CSSL

Safety Labels
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ScriptView Includes Three Labeling Solutions:

Large Print, Dual Language and Controlled Substance Safety Labels (CSSLs) are available in a booklet-style design, affixed to the medication bottle for easy reading. These accessible labels improve medication adherence and safety for your patients who are elderly or low vision. The Large Print Label is especially designed for your patients who have low vision or elderly. It presents all vital prescription information in an 18-point font on high-contrast, non-glare, durable media. It features all the same information on a regular label, just in larger font.

En-Vision America – ScriptAbility Translation

Script Translation Service
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Perhaps English Isn’t Your Patient’s First Language?

We are here to help you ensure your patient’s safety, adherence and independence by offering ScripTalk Talking Prescription Labels and Dual-Language/Translation Labels in 25 languages. How effective is this solution in improving medication safety and independence for your patients? The results of an in-house study speak for themselves: Almost all participants (98%) reported feeling safer taking their medications since using ScriptView.

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