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We fuel the media industry with the most accurate understanding of what people listen to and watch.

To discover what audiences love, we measure across all channels and platforms⁠—from podcasts to streaming TV to social media. And when companies and advertisers are truly connected to their audiences, they can see the most important opportunities and accelerate growth. Through responsible, sustainable business practices and our commitment to giving back, we care for the communities and markets where we live and operate our business. Our Global Responsibility & Sustainability strategy at Nielsen includes all environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that affect our business, operations, and all internal and external stakeholders. Our global teams work together to have an uncommon impact in the marketplaces and communities where we live and serve.

Our Solutions

Our solutions connect you with audiences—no matter how they watch or listen. With a truly comprehensive understanding of the audience, you can discover important opportunities and accelerate your growth. Know your true audience with our cross-platform measurement that provides unbiased data inclusive of the entire population and its shifting habits. Maximize your effectiveness and ROI by knowing how your advertising and marketing reaches and impacts audiences.

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Nielsen – Audience Measurement and Outcomes

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Nielsen ScanTrack: Syndicated Market and Consumer information across Total US and Selected Markets.

Nielsen ScanTrack Program Supports Retailer and CPG Clients and provides insight into consumer trends and opportunities.

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