As pharmacies persist in fighting the opioid epidemic, best practices continue to be updated as new information and technology is released. PioneerRx is bringing you a new resource to add to your opioid care process and help you streamline your workflow in caring for opioid patients.

We have released a comprehensive toolkit to guide PioneerRx users through setting up these opioid best practices within your pharmacy software workflow.

Access Your PioneerRx Opioid Toolkit

Your PioneerRx pharmacy software already has several functionalities that can help you care for opioid patients. Now, we have assembled a toolkit that brings all of these pieces together into one place. The PioneerRx Opioid Toolkit holds a step-by-step guide with explanations and tips for every opioid functionality within PioneerRx.

Instead of looking up features individually, it will show you how to specifically implement an opioid-related action for each feature sub-category – such as Rx Edits, Care Goals, Labs, and Reporting.

There is also a list of other tools and integrations that would help you with your opioid workflow, as well as a section called “Additional Resources” with links to resources from credible and informative organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and more.

PioneerRx users can access this within their software system by opening the Help File.

From your home screen, navigate to the top-right corner and select the blue question mark icon. Then, select the folder on the left titled “Opioid Toolkit”. This folder breaks down the toolkit into categories where you can follow instructions to implement actions within your own workflow.

The new PioneerRx guide is a great resource if you are just starting out an opioid care initiative at your pharmacy, or even if you already have a workflow in place. You can find areas to increase efficiency or even discover features that you weren’t using before.

Let your technology work for you and set your team up for success.

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