Tailor Your Searches for Custom Reports

Your pharmacy software should never force you to jump through hoops to access your data. We believe pharmacies should be able to search and organize their reports with ease, so we offer the Advanced Search & Grids functionality. PioneerRx users can filter their searches to find a specific selection of information, or isolate a single piece of data. Within these search results, users may drag and drop columns to create Grids that display the exact information they need. Once a custom report is built, it can be saved for future use. Users can also export any reports as Excel or PDF files directly from the software.

Brent Talley, owner and pharmacist-in-charge at Hayes Barton Pharmacy in Raleigh, NC, uses PioneerRx’s pharmacy software system to manage his pharmacy’s daily operations. He and his team run reports to keep track of everything from incomplete prescriptions to POS profit analyses. “I think that the customization we use for the reports has a positive impact on our daily operations,” Talley explains. “The Advanced Search features help us research and streamline a lot of actions within our daily/weekly/monthly processes, which helps us do things uniquely.” Brent Talley and the Hayes Barton staff keep a close eye on their information within the software to ensure their daily operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

After all, it’s your data. Shouldn’t your pharmacy software give you easy access to it?

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