Engage Customers Outside of Your Pharmacy

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These words have become synonymous with social media – a powerful influence on today’s world as we know it. As of April 2020, the world has 3.81 billion active social media users.

On average, users in North America spend about 2 hours each day browsing their social media platforms and interacting with posts.

This is why having a social networking strategy is a powerful tool for use in advertising and marketing your business – in targeting both current customers and potential customers.

June 30th is annually observed as World Social Media Day.

In the scope of independent pharmacy, social media presence is an important part of connecting with your community and being easily accessible to customers. While you may have a strong website or ample word-of-mouth, you will always miss a portion of your community by not using social media.

If people are searching up your pharmacy online – you want them to find the right information no matter where they look.

In 2020, the 7 biggest social media sites are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Reddit.

Choose what platforms are best for your pharmacy. But no matter where you represent your business, there are some best practices for keeping a professional – and effective – presence.

Best Practices

  • Accessibility: On all your profiles, make sure to include your pharmacy’s full name, contact information and where you are located. Don’t let there be any question or confusion of whether someone has reached the correct profile. Also, link back to your pharmacy’s website so that all of your online presence is connected and easy to find.

  • Consistency: As much as possible, try to create the same or similar usernames across platforms. This makes it easier for customers to remember the usernames and also allows them to find you easier through search.

  • Appropriateness: Make sure to do your research on what kind of content is typically found on each kind of social media platform. You might have slightly different content depending on where it is posted. For example, LinkedIn may have more serious, industry-related content while Instagram may include a fun team picture of your staff dressing up for a holiday.

Benefits of Social Media

  • More Personal: It can be used as a way to connect with your customers on a more light-hearted, personal level. Your customers can get to know your team better and stay updated on current events and updates at your store.

  • Engaging: Social media is another way to give your customers that personal touch by engaging with them outside of the pharmacy. You can respond to comments and share posts that tag your pharmacy. This shows current and potential customers that there are real, responsive people behind your business.

  • Exciting: Get your customers excited by having contests and giveaways! These are a  great way to gain followers by offering a chance to win coupons or prizes – and even listing special promotions that are only for social media followers.

Celebrate World Social Media Day by thinking of ways to expand your pharmacy’s online presence. Happy posting

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