One of the many reasons more pharmacists choose PioneerRx is the different types of internal alerts.

Rx Edits are notifications from the software that make sure your pharmacy avoids costly mistakes. Rx Edits can warn users of prescriptions that have the potential to return a negative gross profit, not make a high enough gross profit, or have other issues that might yield a negative profit margin.

By flagging prescriptions with profit issues, pharmacies can take preemptive measures before making claim submissions.

PioneerRx users also have the ability to create Custom Rx Edits.

This part of the feature gives you more flexibility in what kind of alerts you can set up, because you can build them to your unique needs and situations. You can create an alert for any step within your pharmacy’s workflow – and even set default actions for how to proceed once the Rx Edit is triggered.

From simple reminders to protective warnings, Rx Edits will keep you notified and on top of your game.

Joy McChesney of Skywalk Pharmacy in West Allis, Wisconsin, has used Rx Edits daily since she began using PioneerRx a year and a half ago.

“These edits are like a heads-up from the computer,” she explains. She describes a Custom Rx Edit commonly used at Skywalk. “For example, our pharmacy gives away alcohol swabs and other things like that, so we set up a Post Edit to inform us that these specific items will be priced at no charge.”

This particular Rx Edit prevents other items from being billed for free that shouldn’t be.

“[The Rx Edits feature] also provides audit protection by alerting you when it thinks a DAW (Dispense As Written) is being used inappropriately,” Joy says. “That’s really important for us because if we receive a DAW-1 but dispense a generic prescription, it will flag insurance companies and draw their attention to us. It helps us ensure we’re using the DAW features correctly and not creating or billing a prescription that could potentially lose money in an audit.”

PioneerRx’s ability to review and alert you about potential problems before and after adjudication can not only save your pharmacy time, but money, as well.

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