Did you know this Wednesday was National App Day? It seems there is an app for practically everything – even when it comes to the world of pharmacy. Finding additional technologies like these can allow you to customize your workflow in a way that best compliments your store.

In addition to our RxLocal app, PioneerRx offers several convenient mobile apps that integrate with your software to give you increased flexibility and efficiency while running your pharmacy.

You will no longer be tied to your workstations because our apps will give you the freedom to move wherever you need to get the job done. Take a look into the unique benefits of each app, and how you can utilize them to expand your pharmacy system.

Patient Counseling

Key Benefits & Features:

-Reference patient profiles anywhere

-Sync changes and notes immediately

-View patient Report Cards

Why would this help my pharmacy?

Don’t be constricted to one place, especially in a fast-paced environment. The Patient Counseling app will allow you to take all your essential patient data with you around the pharmacy and immediately sync any notes or changes back to the system.

Why would this help my patients?

Hands-on counseling can help increase patient adherence, and the app gives access to the patient’s report card so you can accurately assess their situation and make informed decisions.

Mobile Inventory

Key Benefits & Features:

-Move around and take note of inventory digitally

-Automatically sync this data back into the system

-Create inventory bins

-Check items into will call bins

-Manage shelf sticker labels

-Check-in wholesaler shipments

-Update pill images

Why would this help my pharmacy?

Managing inventory accurately is a crucial part of any pharmacy, and the Mobile Inventory app allows you to eliminate the pen and paper. Just take your phone or iPad out into the pharmacy and electronically update your inventory, and the data will sync automatically back into the system.

Why would this help my patients?

While inventory may not be a patient-facing task, ensuring you are up-to-date on your stock will allow you to better serve your patient’s needs. And the more time you save on inventory, the more time you have to focus on helping your patients.


Key Benefits & Features:

-Collect paperless signatures and automatically sync them into the system

-Sleekness of using an iPad

-Display itemized receipt to customer

-Display ads

-HIPAA compliance/audit protection

Why would this help my pharmacy?

No more bulky signature pads going out the window or paper signatures that need to be scanned into the system. Just use the Drive-Thru app for a quick, painless transaction without being tied to a workstation.

Why would this help my patients?

If patients use your drive-thru, they are expecting fast service. The app will allow you to keep the line moving quickly and keep your customers happy.

Mobile Delivery

Key Benefits & Features:

-Plan the most efficient delivery route and receive in-app navigation

-Accept payments digitally and securely

-Collect signatures digitally

-Controlled substance compliance

-Data syncs automatically to your system once back in the pharmacy

-HIPAA compliance

Why would this help my pharmacy?

Offering delivery as a service is a great way to give your pharmacy a competitive advantage. With the Mobile Delivery app, you can optimize delivery routes and collect payments and signatures digitally. The app will help consolidate a complex process into something more manageable and efficient – all in one platform.

Why would this help my patients?

Patients will be able to pay for their medications with ease, and be impressed by your streamlined delivery process.

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