Independent pharmacists play a vital role in patient care by being attuned to the unique details and barriers that can impact a patient's health journey.

Factors such as socioeconomic status, demographics, and access to healthcare can significantly influence a patient's health outcomes.

Recognizing the importance of capturing and addressing these factors, PioneerRx offers the eCare Plans feature within its software, empowering pharmacists to create and track specific care goals and actions for each patient.

Get Important Patient Insights

Thomas Taylor, a satisfied user of PioneerRx, expresses his appreciation for the eCare Plans feature, stating, "The eCare Plans are great. We're starting to collect blood pressures, A1Cs, and that kind of stuff on all of our patients so we can document the improvements that we're getting for them."

By utilizing this feature, pharmacies can gather standardized patient data, facilitating seamless sharing of information among healthcare providers.

PioneerRx's software automatically compiles the collected data into an eCare Plan format that can be easily submitted to CPESN (Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks) directly from the patient profile.

This capability ensures that pharmacies can properly document and assess the value of the additional patient-centered services they provide, ultimately enabling them to receive reimbursement for their contributions to overall patient health.

Incorporate eCare Plans Right into Your Workflow

Brent Talley, owner of Hayes Barton Pharmacy, acknowledges the challenges pharmacies face when incorporating new initiatives into their workflow.

However, he emphasizes the importance and benefits of integrating eCare Plans into pharmacy practice.

"I think you just have to look at it as something you have to do. It's not an option. The money's out there. The goals are out there. You just have to do the work," Brent affirms.

He further emphasizes that incorporating eCare Plans into daily routines is crucial for success, and PioneerRx's software plays a pivotal role in facilitating this process.

Enhance Patient Care and Outcomes

By leveraging the eCare Plans feature in PioneerRx's software, independent pharmacies can enhance patient care and outcomes.

The ability to track specific care goals and actions within a patient's profile allows pharmacists to develop personalized strategies that address their unique needs.

Furthermore, the standardized format of collected data ensures seamless communication between healthcare providers, promoting collaborative care and comprehensive treatment plans.

The integration of eCare Plans into the pharmacy workflow may require adjustments, but the potential benefits make it a worthwhile endeavor.

With the support of PioneerRx's software, pharmacies can seamlessly incorporate eCare Plans into their daily routines, enabling them to effectively deliver patient-centered services and contribute to improved health outcomes.


Join Thomas Taylor, Brent Talley, and numerous other satisfied users in embracing the eCare Plans feature of PioneerRx.

Take advantage of this powerful tool to enhance patient care, achieve better health outcomes, and optimize your pharmacy's impact on the community.

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