Manage Care Goals and Actions

Independent pharmacists have the insight to capture crucial details and barriers in a patient’s health care journey that may often be overlooked. Identifying these factors – such as socioeconomic status, demographics, and access to health care – can help to improve a patient’s health outcomes by having a more complete understanding of their needs. The eCare Plans feature in the PioneerRx software is completely integrated and enables you to create and track specific care goals and actions within a patient’s profile.

“The eCare Plans are great. We’re starting to collect blood pressures, A1Cs, and that kind of stuff on all of our patients so we can document the improvements that we’re getting for them,” says PioneerRx user Thomas Taylor.

The software collects your patient’s data in a standardized format so that it can be easily shared between healthcare providers. Your data is automatically compiled into an eCare Plan format that can be submitted to CPESN straight from your patient profile. Being able to properly document and assess the value of these additional patient-centered services allows pharmacies to get reimbursed for their contributions to a patient’s overall health.

Hayes Barton Pharmacy owner Brent Talley understands the struggles that pharmacies face in finding time for adapting new initiatives to their workflow. But he stresses the importance and benefits of incorporating eCare Plans into your pharmacy practice. “I think you just have to look at it as something you have to do. It’s not an option. The money’s out there. The goals are out there. You just have to do the work,” he says. “You have to develop those as your typical habits as you’re going through your work day to really make them work…and your [PioneerRx] software is going to help you do that.”

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