Pharmacists make a positive impact on their communities every single day, but this month is specifically dedicated to recognizing these efforts and celebrating the value of all the pharmacists in our lives.

Since 2004, October has been celebrated as American Pharmacists Month. This was initiated by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) and continues as a yearly observation of how pharmacists are an important part of their communities.

This year’s theme is “Essential Providers. Accessible Care.” – a tribute to the vital role of pharmacists and pharmacy personnel during this pandemic.

While the whole month of October celebrates pharmacists, there are some special days to celebrate individually this month as well:

  • October 12th was Women Pharmacist Day
  • October 20th is National Pharmacy Technician Day

In honor of American Pharmacists Month, show appreciation to your peers and colleagues, listen and share heartwarming stories, and educate your community about everything that pharmacists can do for them!

Heartwarming Stories

This heartwarming story comes from our very own Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast.

Our guest Tony Willoughby talks about his team of pharmacists at Catalyst Health Rx, and the strong relationships they build with patients.

Tony recounts how a pharmacist on his team named Angela formed a special connection with one of her patients. Instead of just checking the boxes and moving on to the next patient, she identified a health issue that was overlooked and asked questions to find the core of the issue. That patient will never forget how Angela touched his life.

For Catalyst Health Rx – their pharmacists and relationships are their brand.

“He probably doesn’t know what Catalyst Health Rx is, but he will never leave Angela.”

If you’re in the mood for some more inspiring stories from fellow pharmacists, check out these Front Line Stories shared during the coronavirus pandemic.

Got a story of your own? Click the “Share Your COVID Story” button!

Employee Appreciation

This month is a great time to show appreciation to your pharmacy team and thank them for everything they do. It’s a great way to boost morale and remind your team that their hard work and passion does not go unnoticed.

Ideas for Thanking Your Staff

  • Liven up the pharmacy with festive decorations
  • Provide some sweet treats or a celebratory lunch
  • Hold a raffle for a chance to win prizes
  • Recognize individuals for ways they go above-and-beyond
  • Write personalized thank-you notes

Educate Your Community

Another important part of American Pharmacists Month is spreading the word outside of  your pharmacy.

You and your team know the importance of independent pharmacies – but does your community know all the services that pharmacists provide?

Encourage people to talk to their pharmacist and see them as a helpful and approachable resource. Center your messaging around the fact that pharmacists do more than just fill prescriptions – list other services such as flu shots and other vaccinations, health screenings, medication reviews, smoking cessation, offering suggestions for supplemental over-the-counter products, and more.

Focus on the specific services you offer at your own store and use your social media to share the message with your community.

Pharmacists are Essential Providers who offer Accessible Care. Now more than ever, we need to recognize everything that pharmacy professionals are doing for their communities.

Happy American Pharmacists Month!

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