To alleviate the burden of manual inventory management and streamline daily processes for pharmacy staff, it is crucial to have pharmacy software that offers automation capabilities.

PioneerRx understands the complexities of managing a perpetual inventory, especially in high-volume stores, and provides a solution that ensures the right inventory is always available.

About Auto Reorder Points

With PioneerRx's Auto Reorder Points feature, pharmacies can establish minimum and maximum balance on-hand (BOH) quantities for their inventory items.

Once an item's quantity falls below the predetermined minimum BOH, the system automatically triggers a reorder, ensuring that the item is replenished.

For instance, if a drug has a reorder point set at 99 and a maximum limit of 300, PioneerRx will initiate a reorder as soon as the quantity drops below 99, aiming to bring it back up to 300.

These reorder levels can be customized to align with the unique inventory needs of each pharmacy.

Moreover, PioneerRx goes a step further by providing guidance in determining these parameters.

The software generates recommended orders based on the store's operations, assisting pharmacy owners in refining their inventory management practices. This proactive approach helps optimize inventory levels, preventing stockouts or excess inventory, and promoting efficient utilization of resources.

Neighborhood Pharmacy

Kisha Christian, the owner of Neighborhood Pharmacy in Frederiksted, VI, understands the value of time management in running a busy store.

She relies on the PioneerRx pharmacy system to automate various tasks, including the reordering process.

“I don’t have to think about manually calculating my order points. PioneerRx does that for me!” Kisha says. “My pharmacy has grown quickly over the past [five] years, and the Auto Reorder Points feature makes my life easier.”


At PioneerRx, our software is designed to simplify pharmacy management, allowing our users to spend less time tied to the computer and more time engaging with their patients.

By automating inventory processes and empowering pharmacy staff with efficient tools, PioneerRx enables pharmacies to enhance operational efficiency, reduce manual errors, and focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Embrace the power of automation in your pharmacy with PioneerRx software. Streamline your inventory management, save valuable time, and ensure that your pharmacy team can dedicate their efforts to what matters most—delivering optimal care to your patients.

With PioneerRx as your trusted partner, you can experience the transformative impact of streamlined processes and improved efficiency in your pharmacy operations.

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