PioneerRx believes in personalized, prompt customer support.

Our support services allow pharmacies to quickly get their questions answered by a member of their store’s dedicated Support team.

Sometimes, however, certain hardware inquiries can also be solved independently without needing to reach out to Support.

That’s why we now offer our Self-Help Tools & Resources for PioneerRx users who prefer to solve a simple hardware issue or install a device on their own.

The How-To Library contains informative videos that answer common hardware questions and take you through step-by-step instructions. Our  Drivers and Utilities page also allows users to install the PioneerRx software along with other common devices such as printers, document scanners, point of sale devices, and other utilities.

We’ve made installing PioneerRx and common peripherals easier than ever with our new PioneerRx PC Setup Tool.

“This puts all the drivers for popular equipment together in one easy-to-use package!” says Aaron Mance, an Installer at PioneerRx. “It saves a lot of time Googling and searching through files, and also makes sure everything is done right the first time.”

Our Hardware Support Team is always available to assist pharmacies when necessary, but now PioneerRx users can take control of their own hardware management with our Self-Help Tools & Resources.

The Help File in the PioneerRx software system is also another handy resource for looking up answers to common questions. This can be accessed from the blue question mark icon in the top right corner of the PioneerRx home screen.

Self-Help Tools & Resources are another great way that PioneerRx pharmacies can get the help they need, whenever they need it.

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