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PioneerRx’s pharmacy software includes Lab functionality to document patient health information such as weight, blood work, and hormone panels – all within the patient profile.

This comprehensive feature allows pharmacies to have a centralized record of important lab data, facilitating better patient management and care coordination.

The Lab functionality in PioneerRx's pharmacy software offers a user-friendly interface that allows pharmacists and healthcare providers to easily input and access lab results.

Within the patient profile, specific grid colors notify PioneerRx users if a lab is overdue (red) and if the results are in the low (yellow) or high (orange) range of lab values.

This visual alert system ensures that healthcare professionals can quickly identify critical lab values and take appropriate actions to address any abnormalities.

In addition to tracking lab results, PioneerRx's Lab functionality plays a vital role in medication therapy management (MTM) and patient care.

The system automatically creates MTM Actions for patients with overdue lab results, enabling pharmacists to initiate interventions and ensure that patients are receiving the necessary care to achieve their health goals.

This integration of lab data and MTM actions streamlines the workflow and ensures that patients receive timely and targeted interventions based on their lab results.

Daniel Feng, owner and pharmacist-in-charge at 986 Pharmacy in Pasadena, CA, relies on the record-keeping functionality of Labs within the PioneerRx software.

As a specialty pharmacy with a focus on HIV, cholesterol, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis, 986 Pharmacy understands the importance of comprehensive lab data management.

Daniel Feng explains, “Because we are also a specialty pharmacy, the Labs are really important to us. It’s a good way to track data for URAC accreditation, assessments, and refer back to data when needed.”

The ability to easily access lab results and incorporate them into patient care processes helps 986 Pharmacy provide personalized and evidence-based care to their patients.

The Lab functionality in PioneerRx's pharmacy software not only enhances patient care but also supports compliance and accreditation requirements.

Pharmacies can use the recorded lab data to demonstrate adherence to URAC accreditation standards, perform assessments, and refer back to historical data when needed.

This robust record-keeping feature strengthens the pharmacy's ability to provide comprehensive care and ensures compliance with industry regulations and quality standards.

PioneerRx equips pharmacies with the tools needed to go beyond traditional dispensing and offer more complete care for their patients.

By seamlessly integrating lab functionality within their software, PioneerRx enables pharmacists to efficiently manage lab data, monitor patient health, and take proactive steps to improve patient outcomes.

With the Lab functionality, pharmacies can deliver personalized care, facilitate timely interventions, and enhance patient safety.

PioneerRx empowers pharmacies to harness the power of lab data to provide comprehensive and patient-centric care that goes beyond the traditional role of a pharmacy.

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