5 Things to Know When Choosing a Software Vendor

So you’re looking for the right pharmacy software. It’s a tough decision, but it will make all the difference in the success of your pharmacy. Whether you are converting systems or starting your own pharmacy, here are 5 things you should consider when selecting the right fit for your store.

1. What Does the Customer Support Model Look Like?

Although it’s not a technical part of the software itself, the quality of customer support will ultimately decide how well you adapt to your new software system.

It is important to look at different support models and see what kind of service you can expect. You need knowledgable, prompt assistance that will not only solve your problems but also proactively help your pharmacy grow.

PioneerRx equips every pharmacy with its own specialized support team – including an account manager, hardware specialist, and accounting specialist.

All of our account managers are licensed pharmacy technicians averaging around 10 years of experience, so you are always talking to someone who fully understands your situation.

2. What Does the Server Model Look Like?

Working with so much data every day means that you need reliable hardware.

How is your data going to be protected, monitored, and backed up? When you are stuck troubleshooting hardware issues, who is going to be taking care of your patients? This is something to consider when taking on the big decision of implementing a new pharmacy management system.

With PioneerRx, you get a hands-free experience because we proactively repair and replace your server as needed while backing up and verifying your data every 15 minutes.

We handle all the maintenance of your system, so you can focus your attention where it is needed most.

3. What are the Included Features vs. Add-Ons?

When evaluating the features offered in a pharmacy software, there is an important distinction to make. Is it really included, or will you be surprised with additional monthly fees?

Purchasing a new software system is already a serious investment, so you don’t want to be adding fees left and right just to be able to perform the necessary tasks in your workflow. Already having the basic features integrated will save you time and enable your software to keep up with your evolving pharmacy.

Make sure to get clarification from the vendor on what features come 100% included with the baseline price.

4. Is the Software Designed to Grow With You?

To be a successful independent pharmacy, you must be ready to adapt as times change. Your pharmacy will expand to offer new services, and you want to be ready to smoothly transition into these changes. This is why the scalability of a software is something to consider from the beginning.

Will your pharmacy management system be equipped to handle your pharmacy’s growth?

This is why a feature-rich system like PioneerRx is so powerful. It is customizable to fit your pharmacy’s current needs and grow at your pace. Your pharmacy software will also act as a control center for the other additional tools you choose for your store – such as IVR, automation, inventory management, and more.

With so many potential ways to organize your system, it’s not about “Can PioneerRx do this?” – instead, it’s “What do I want PioneerRx to do?”

5. Is Your Software Vendor Involved In the Industry?

The independent pharmacy world is constantly transforming. You know your pharmacy needs to stay up-to-date, so why shouldn’t the same be true for your software vendor? Going to tradeshows and collaborating with other organizations in the industry is a sign that your vendor has your best interests in mind.

Look for a pharmacy software provider that actively works on updating its product to better tailor to customer needs. As new features and services evolve, you want a software that will be one step ahead in making it possible for your pharmacy to provide the highest level of care.

This is why PioneerRx has weekly feature updates – with many additions originating from customer suggestions! We listen to changes in the industry and what works best for our customers to provide a software that does exactly what you need it to.

Every pharmacy is unique, but the fundamental basics are important for everyone to consider. Taking the time to do diligent research beforehand will save you time and money in the future.

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