When using a pharmacy software, all pharmacies need a little help.

PioneerRx has revitalized software support with the introduction of Support Teams. Each team consists of Software, Hardware, and Accounting Support to encompass all areas of the pharmacy.

By assigning a select group of go-to’s, each pharmacy can build rapport and establish a relationship with their Support team that knows their individual needs and goals.

Ede Linterman, pharmacist-in-charge at Community Health Pharmacy in Carson City, NV, expresses how vital her pharmacy’s Support Team is.

As a FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Center), Community Health Pharmacy operates out of seven locations across rural Nevada. Enacting workflow changes and addressing their unique needs can be cumbersome, according to Ede.

“Because our pharmacy is quite different from the typical store, we really need someone who can understand the needs behind a FQHC pharmacy and the needs and questions that may arise. Vince has been instrumental in our last six months with PioneerRx, and we look forward to strengthening our relationships with our other team members in Support!”  
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