Make informed financial decisions for your patients and your pharmacy with Price Check, built right into the PioneerRx software.

Quickly look up any Rx, compounding, or retail item to get a cost and profit breakdown based on your location’s pricing schedule. PioneerRx automatically pulls up NDCs of similar generic and brand name drugs, providing alternate pricing options.

Other features like Competitive Pricing allow you to see how the larger pharmacy chains are pricing their discounted drug programs so independent pharmacists can stay competitive.

Scott Joens at Stapley Pharmacy in Saint George, UT explains how the Price Check tool saves time and helps them provide the best pricing for their patients. “We use it to look up retail prices for people who don’t have insurance,” he says.

Joens also notes that it is especially helpful with patients who are taking several prescriptions.

“The feature that’s nice is you can do a price check on multiple drugs at the same time, and then it totals those amounts at the bottom of the screen.”

Confidently give your patients the right solution for their unique needs with PioneerRx.

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