The pharmacy is buzzing with people. You’re trying to get caught up. And. . .the phone rings.

Now you have to stop what you’re doing and you have no idea how long this phone call will take.

This is why direct patient messaging has become a timesaver for pharmacies – and patients. Typical questions can easily be answered over text, eliminating the need for calling back and forth and waiting on hold.

Maybe you’re searching for the right 2-way messaging app or maybe you’re already using one in your pharmacy – but what about the security of your messaging platform?

When it comes to this type of messaging – the lines get blurry on HIPAA compliance. If your pharmacy is simply sending out one-way reminders through SMS text, you can control what information you include in your messages.

However, when you allow patients to message you back – this opens up the possibility of sensitive information being shared without any control on the pharmacy side.

This is why it is crucial to research the safety measures of your interactive messaging platform. You don’t want to find your pharmacy or your patients in a compromised situation, so make sure you choose wisely. A safe and simple way to go is RxLocal.

RxLocal Mobile App

RxLocal is a mobile app that integrates directly into your PioneerRx pharmacy management system.

It allows for HIPAA secure 2-way messaging, in addition to other features such as submitting refill requests and sending patient reminders. Patients can download RxLocal for free and send you messages within the app. It then integrates into your PioneerRx workflow where you can easily respond to messages at your own pace.

The app has safeguards in place to perform identity authorization and encrypt message data to protect it from outside access or tampering.

This kind of control is not possible with regular SMS texting, so you can never really be sure that your communications are secure.

Ivan Lindon, systems specialist at Legacy Montrose Pharmacy in Houston, TX, explains how the messaging in the app has been widely utilized by their patients and has helped them streamline their communication in a secure way.

“We have 2 pharmacies that use it. We are opening up our 3rd location in the spring of next year and they will also be using it,” he says.

They get patients to sign up by handing out flyers, and by simply asking at POS if they want text communications – which leads into a natural conversation about RxLocal.

Legacy Montrose has successfully been on RxLocal for 2 years now, and they have even started incorporating innovative new uses for it. Lindon mentions that they offer a curbside pickup service and patients can “use [the app] when they’re here at our curbside parking spots to text us and let us know.”

No matter how you choose to utilize 2-way messaging in your pharmacy, everyone should be aware of the possible risks in HIPAA compliance.

With so much going on in your pharmacy, the last thing you want to be concerned about is whether you are keeping your patients’ information safe. RxLocal provides peace of mind and convenient integration with your PioneerRx system.

Ask your account manager today about how you can start using RxLocal in your own pharmacy.

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