Monitor your pharmacy’s profitability and business trends with the Pharmacy Portal.

The portal is a metrics dashboard that compiles graphical representations of your financial reports, all updated with the most current data. You can toggle between weekly and monthly views, and even click on individual graphs to analyze specific data points.

Your PioneerRx pharmacy software gives you a clear and concise breakdown of your data, so you can focus on how to use that data to run your pharmacy more efficiently.

David Figg, CEO of Rice’s Pharmacy in Beaver Dam, KY, uses the Pharmacy Portal to get an overview of how the pharmacy is operating and quickly discover what needs to be adjusted.

“It’s a great tool that allows me to look at what the business trends have been over the last several months,” he says.

Patterns over time and abnormal changes are important aspects to address when looking at metrics, because it paints a bigger picture not seen within day to day operations.

“If I’m looking over history and I see a trend, that kind of gives me an idea of where we need to focus and where we’re headed. So, if I see a dip in revenues, if I see a dip in gross profit, it gives me the indicator that we need to dig deeper and find out what might be causing such a thing,” Figg explains.
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