Returning unclaimed prescriptions to inventory requires precautionary measures to ensure patient safety and protect personal information.

Within the PioneerRx software, the Print Stock Label feature will allow you to scan a barcode on a prescription and the system will automatically print a stock label. The label will include all the necessary re-labelling information, such as expiration date and lot number.

Ryan Stratmann, owner of Red Haus Pharmacy in Ellinwood, KS, shares why his team benefits from this addition to their workflow.

“It’s a great feature for ensuring accuracy and quality. . .it just adds an extra level of safety and security to a prescription when you have to dispense it off something that has been returned to stock.”

Stratmann also notes the convenience of the labels printing automatically from the barcode, eliminating the need for typing or visually verifying the NDC. Stock Labels makes returning prescriptions to stock a secure and simple process.

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