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Mission Objective: Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy™

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Watch "More Than Just a Pharmacy Software"

PioneerRx Testimonials

More Than Just a Pharmacy Software

At PioneerRx, our mission to Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy starts with the people who use our software each day. Yes, we are a pharmacy software company. But more importantly – we are advocates for independent pharmacy. By aligning ourselves with a network of innovative partners who share our passion and our goals, together we are building a sustainable future for community pharmacies everywhere. We couldn’t do it without them.

You Should Love Your Pharmacy Software

Top 10 Reasons to Love PioneerRx Pharmacy Software


A Partner Who Has Your Back

PioneerRx’s mission is to Save and Revitalize independent pharmacy by making patient care a competitive and profitable advantage once again. With powerful and customizable features, we have created what we call Tactical Pharmacy.


We Know You

Every pharmacy is assigned a support team made up of a software, an accounting, and a hardware specialist. They will get to know you and your pharmacy and give you the efficient targeted solutions you need.


We Listen to You

Who better to make PioneerRx the best, than the people who use it every day. In the last year, we averaged 13 new updates every week, many were inspired by you! Our pharmacy owners, pharmacists, pharmacy techs and staff play a huge role in our innovation.


Don’t Get Left Behind

Did you know, 50% of the pharmacies that trust in PioneerRx are actually referrals from existing customers. Our pharmacies recommend us to their friends and colleagues because they understand what a true advantage having PioneerRx is for an independent pharmacy.


Features that Matter

From weekly automatic software and database updates to our user-driven Community Idea portal, we deliver cutting-edge technology in one integrated pharmacy system.


Healthier Patients

With our integrated Rx Syncing and easy search features, you can effectively improve your patients’ health and adherence, which also enables you to better participate in your patients’ wellness. Improving your MTM/5-Star rating will improve your patients’ health and increase profit/revenue with OutcomesMTM, labs, immunization and more integrated into your pharmacy system.


Financial Security

PioneerRx has a proven track record of improving the financial success of our customers. We can’t stay in business unless you stay in business.


More Time with Patients

With Rapid Data Entry you can customize your tab stops, use keyboard shortcuts, pull information from the NPI/DEA database, and easily fill prescriptions from eScripts. These are only a few of the many features that will help save time and focus on patients.


Seamless Experiences

With a truly integrated point of sale (POS), you have direct access to pricing and patient information, seamlessly becoming part of your pharmacy system workflow.


Worry Less About Technology

With our Quick Disaster Recover your pharmacy software data is backed up to the Cloud. This secure and encrypted method meets HIPAA requirements and minimizes the downtime of your pharmacy in the event of an emergency.

Top Reason to Love PioneerRx

See Why More Pharmacies Choose PioneerRx

Top 5 Independent Pharmacy Software Vendors

Based on a 2020 Direct Opinions Survey

Most Satisfied Customers

Pharmacists who use PioneerRx are more likely to recommend the software to a friend.

PioneerRx leads the market with the most installed systems while simultaneously having the most satisfied customers.

“PioneerRx is evolving with the nature of our industry and it’s the only solution that provides us with
all of the tools we need to better serve our customers and patients.''

— Monica Payne

PioneerRx user

Independent Pharmacy Podcast


Independent Pharmacy Podcast


Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast

Fuel Your Passion for Pharmacy

We are on a mission. A mission to save and revitalize independent pharmacy. On the Catalyst podcast, we dive into current events that are shaping how pharmacists approach their patients and their business. Fuel your passion for pharmacy, one conversation at a time.

Hosted by President of PioneerRx Jeff Key with cohosts Josh Howland VP of Clinical Strategy, Mark Bivins VP of Sales, and Marsha Bivins Marketing Director.

Beyond The Scripts

Think Outside the Bottle

Where does patient care meet profitability? Certainly not in prescription filling alone. Join host Will Tuft on a journey to learn what the most successful pharmacies around the country are doing to maintain a lucrative business. Listen in on the conversations as he takes you Beyond the Scripts.

Hosted by Will Tuft – Director of Education at PioneerRx


Custom Solutions for Every Problem

Compounding is a creative way for pharmacists to help solve their patients’ unique problems. At Klein’s Pharmacy, they take compounding seriously. From hormone replace therapy to pet meds to podiatry - they have a custom solution for everyone. Compounding Specialist Christina Cohn believes that the future of compounding will further utilize a pharmacist’s clinical knowledge and focus on understanding a patient’s situation on a deeper level to provide highly customized solutions. It’s also a chance for pharmacists to further demonstrate their value to the providers they collaborate with in their communities.

Hosted by Will Tuft, Director of Education at PioneerRx

Guest: Christina Cohn, Compounding Specialist and PIC at Klein’s Pharmacy