Irving, TX – PioneerRx Pharmacy Software has been named Flip the Pharmacy’s Technology Solutions Partner of the Year for the second year in a row. The award recognizes a technology provider that supports Flip the Pharmacy’s initiative to transform pharmacy practice beyond filling prescriptions.

PioneerRx was selected based on its documentation system for clinical services 一 using the Pharmacist eCare Plan 一 and its continued commitment to support pharmacies with new and innovative technology. PioneerRx was also named the inaugural Technology Solutions Partner of the Year in 2020, making it the first and only company to be recognized with this distinction.

Flip the Pharmacy is a 5-year pharmacy program that “aims to transform community-based pharmacies away from point-in-time, prescription-level care processes...through the use of hands-on coaching.” Every year, Flip the Pharmacy recognizes pharmacy teams and technology vendors who help make this goal possible.

Troy Trygstad, Executive Director of CPESN USA (which serves as the Coordinating Center for Flip the Pharmacy), says, “Community pharmacies participating in Flip the Pharmacy continue to impress. In the face of a once-in-a-generation pandemic, a rapidly changing marketplace, and an acute labor shortage, they continue to rise to the challenge. Community-based pharmacy practice is becoming materially different, and the Flip the Pharmacy Awardees 一 including PioneerRx Systems 一 are exemplar contributors to this positive evolution.”

PioneerRx received the award at the NCPA 2021 Annual Convention in Charlotte, NC. At the general session, NCPA’s immediate past president, Brian Caswell, and the CPESN team presented the award to PioneerRx president Jeff Key. They congratulated PioneerRx for its exemplary work over the past 2 years.

PioneerRx thanks Flip the Pharmacy and CPESN for the recognition, as well as for its ongoing partnership.

Jeff Key, President of PioneerRx, says, “We are honored to receive this award. It is a reflection of our commitment to Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy, which is made possible by clinical services and collaboration with programs like Flip the Pharmacy. Over the past year, we have continued to listen to feedback, develop new ideas, and optimize our technology to support independent pharmacies.”

PioneerRx has helped pharmacists document over 2.8 million eCare Plans and submit them directly to CPESN.

eCare Plans are a major focus of CPESN and Flip the Pharmacy, and PioneerRx is proud to offer the technology solutions to support them. This innovation has been pivotal in expanding clinical services, putting pharmacists on par with physicians and other providers.

In addition to eCare Plans, PioneerRx has worked to support the mission of Flip the Pharmacy since its start.

Dao Nguyen, an on-site pharmacist at PioneerRx, recognizes the need for initiatives like this one.

She says, “I believe Flip the Pharmacy is a valuable program that gives you the additional push in the right direction for your pharmacy’s future. Participating pharmacies are provided with resources and best practices to transform their workflow. PioneerRx actively supports Flip the Pharmacy as a technology partner by offering workflow solutions specific to each month’s goals and initiatives, providing the necessary tools for continued success.”

By partnering with programs like Flip the Pharmacy, PioneerRx is continuing to empower independent pharmacies and reimagine the future of patient care.

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PioneerRx is committed to Saving and Revitalizing Independent Pharmacy. With unmatched customer support and continuous feature updates, PioneerRx Pharmacy Software equips pharmacies to thrive in a clinical, patient-centered future. By implementing suggestions from users and paving the way for leading industry trends, they empower pharmacies for continued success and improved patient outcomes. To see why PioneerRx is the most installed independent pharmacy software, visit

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