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As cold and flu season approaches, many patients are taking precautions and getting the vaccinations they need to stay healthy. This includes signing up for their annual flu shot, their COVID-19 shot or booster, and any other routine vaccines they may be behind on. With so many patients looking to get vaccinated, though, independent pharmacies are experiencing a surge in demand and may find themselves feeling overwhelmed.

Luckily, there’s a way to simplify the process and cut the added stress.

The Vaccine Scheduler is a new tool powered by RxLocal, PioneerRx’s mobile app and suite, and it makes vaccinations easier than ever before. The Vaccine Scheduler gives you the tools you need to quickly schedule, edit, and monitor new vaccine appointments all on one convenient platform. While it is designed with PioneerRx users in mind, the Vaccine Scheduler is a feature that all independent pharmacies can take advantage of, regardless of the software system they use.

The process is easy. First, potential patients can use RxLocal’s Pharmacy Finder to locate your pharmacy and schedule their vaccine appointment. Appointments are tracked on a web-based calendar within the Pharmacy Finder so that you know which patients you're seeing and when. With this information, you can adjust your workflow and manage appointments more effectively.

The Vaccine Scheduler can manage one vaccination site, or it can manage multiple, depending on your pharmacy’s needs. It can even send automated vaccination reminders to your patients, making sure that they never miss an appointment.

Ed Hudon, owner of The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in Boyertown, PA, has been using the Vaccine Scheduler to streamline his pharmacy’s workflow and simplify his vaccine process.

He says, “Now that we’re rolling into flu vaccines and COVID boosters, it’s critical that we have a platform that can help us navigate our vaccinations… and the Vaccine Scheduler does just that.” With this tool, he has been able to vaccinate more patients, effectively protecting them from the upcoming cold and flu season.

Ed is grateful for his community’s support, as well as PioneerRx’s innovation. He says, “I truly think that PioneerRx and their willingness to push patient care to the next level has been able to give us the tools we need to be successful.”

To access the Vaccine Scheduler, visit the RxLocal website and learn how to get started today.

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