Irving, TX – PioneerRx Pharmacy Software has been recognized as Flip the Pharmacy’s first ever Technology Solutions Partner of the Year. Nearly 20 other pharmacy software systems and clinical documentation systems were evaluated and considered for this award, and PioneerRx was selected for its exemplary work in supporting Flip the Pharmacy’s mission to move pharmacy practice beyond filling prescriptions. This award highlights a technology provider that is committed to providing the necessary resources to support the clinical transformation of independent pharmacy, specifically through documentation of the Pharmacist eCare Plan. Other awardees included the cohort of Pennsylvania pharmacies that won Team of the Year, along with Norland Avenue Pharmacy, a PioneerRx user that was named Pharmacy of the Year.

From early on, PioneerRx has closely aligned with pharmacy organizations such as the Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN) and the Pharmacy HIT Collaborative to set the stage for a scalable, standardized way of implementing eCare Plans into the pharmacist workflow. By building a flexible and intuitive platform, PioneerRx has been able to quickly implement new software updates and adapt to the needs of community pharmacies.

“It’s an honor to win the Flip the Pharmacy Technology Award as it is a reflection of how much PioneerRx and the people that work here care about the profession of pharmacy,” says Josh Howland, PharmD, VP of Clinical Strategy at PioneerRx. “More than that, it’s evidence of several years’ work and feedback from independent pharmacists across the country that lets us know we’re on the right track to helping transform the future of community pharmacy. As a pharmacist, I couldn’t be any happier.”

PioneerRx is committed to providing an innovative, robust pharmacy software platform that meets the changing needs of the pharmacy profession.

PioneerRx pharmacies have submitted nearly 2 million eCare Plans to CPESN and that number continues to grow each day. The development of the eCare Plan is centered around providing a way for pharmacists to document their clinical interactions and prove the value that they add to the healthcare team without interrupting workflow.

“eCare Plans are one of the most beneficial pieces that you can get out of PioneerRx, because of the [streamlined] process from start to finish. And I don’t see that in some of the other software systems that I’ve worked with as a coach for the Flip the Pharmacy program,” says PioneerRx user Kristen Hartzell, VP of Hartzell’s Pharmacy and CPESN luminary. “What’s great about PioneerRx is the integration… of the care planning process right in with what you’re already doing to create that efficiency.”

Independent pharmacists are constantly occupied with the day-to-day operations of the business, so efficiency has become a key factor in the implementation of eCare Plans.

PioneerRx fuels its continuous innovation by aligning with like-minded companies who share the mission to Save and Revitalize Independent Pharmacy.

By collaborating with organizations like CPESN and Flip the Pharmacy, they can empower independent pharmacies with the proper tools and support system to pave the way for a sustainable and successful future. Community pharmacists have the ability to significantly improve patient health outcomes, and with the right technology in place, they can seamlessly incorporate this into workflow and prepare for reimbursement opportunities beyond just filling prescriptions.

PioneerRx is honored to continue to be a part of this transformation of independent pharmacy.

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PioneerRx is committed to Saving and Revitalizing Independent Pharmacy. With unmatched customer support and continuous feature updates, PioneerRx Pharmacy Software equips pharmacies to thrive in a clinical, patient-centered future. By implementing suggestions from users and paving the way for leading industry trends, they empower pharmacies for continued success and improved patient outcomes. To see why PioneerRx is the most installed independent pharmacy software, visit

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