In an age of expedited shipping and instant gratification, delivery has never been a more strategic and necessary move for businesses. Look at Amazon.

The free two-day shipping that comes with Amazon Prime is the main factor behind the company’s huge success.

If delivery can make a company one of the most successful stocks to own, what could it do for your pharmacy?

Security issues, transaction problems, third party miscommunication, and record-keeping errors are all common concerns with delivery. However, PioneerRx has thought through every potential obstacle of the delivery process, and we’ve not only made it easy to use, but we know our integrated app will boost your pharmacy’s profitability.

A Mobile Point-of-Sale Service

Take your POS out from behind the counter and on the road. Busy patients or those unable to leave their homes will appreciate this added customer service.

Lindsay Nelson, our PioneerRx Apps Specialist, is a busy mother of two and takes advantage of her pharmacy’s delivery services.

“I love that my pharmacy delivers to me,” she says. “All I have to do is call them or send in my fill request with the RxLocal app, and then I get a message saying it’s being delivered.”

Being away from a register doesn’t restrict drivers from completing transactions.

If a patient declines an item upon delivery, drivers can easily adjust the receipt and note the reason for auditing purposes. All forms of payment, including AR accounts, can be used to pay.

And the best part?

The app’s step-by-step process makes it easy to use, and the iOS device simplifies everything for your driver. Bringing your store to your patients’ doorsteps will strengthen their loyalty and make you a staple in their health care services.

Secure Transactions

Taking the transaction out of the four walls of the pharmacy seems like a potential auditing penalty waiting to happen, but our Mobile Delivery ensures your pharmacy’s security step-by-step.

Drivers can leave notes about the transaction (new insurance card, different phone number, etc.) that automatically sync to the patients’ profiles without editing vital patient information.

To ensure the driver captures the patient’s signature, the device screen will automatically rotate from portrait to landscape to simulate a signature pad.

This prompts the driver to hand the device to the customer, thus saving the signature and instantly syncing it back to the pharmacy. If someone other than the prescribed patient accepts the prescription, Lindsay recommends making a note within the transaction.

“I always tell people it’s important to note whoever you leave it with because even though you’re going to get a signature, if they sign anything like me, you won’t be able to read it!” she advises.

If your state requires identification to be shown for controlled substances, Mobile Delivery can prompt you to check the patient’s driver’s license in order to continue the transaction. With each step of the payment process, PioneerRx protects you from auditing penalties and fines and saves you money.

More Deliveries

The most common issue with deliveries is time. Planning a strategic delivery route is confusing enough, but if a delivery is added/taken away mid-route, your driver’s day will be chaotic.

Whether you have one driver or multiple, you can download all the deliveries or organize deliveries into bins according to each driver.

Once downloaded, the deliveries are organized into an optimized route with the device’s internal GPS. If your driver has to go out of order to make a special delivery, they can easily refresh the route so it re-optimizes and makes for a smoother day.

At the end of the day, drivers can return to the pharmacy and deposit all transactions at once – no need to dash back to the pharmacy after each transaction.

This way, drivers can make more deliveries within a work day, and your store’s profits will increase.

What To Look Forward To

Coming later this year, Multiple Store Delivery will cater to pharmacists with Mobile Delivery in multiple stores.

Pharmacists with multiple stores no longer have to manage multiple devices for their stores. Instead, drivers can carry one device and sync all stores to it.

When the driver cashes out at the end of the day, they can easily sync each store with its deliveries without the confusion.


So, is Mobile Delivery a wise investment for your pharmacy?

“You’re able to handle more deliveries every day. Each step is taken care of correctly, so if you’re audited, you’re ensured against penalties and fines,” Lindsay explains. “This is a two-fold advantage for independent pharmacies.”

For more information on Mobile Delivery and other PioneerRx pharmacy mobile apps, contact or read more on our Marketplace.

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