Ways To Access PioneerRx University:

  • Go to PioneerRx's learning platform, hosted on Litmos


  • Within the PioneerRx software on the top right corner
  • click the dropdown button next to the Help icon (blue question mark) and select “PioneerRx University” OR
  • click the Request Call icon (green phone) and select “Online Training”
Contact software support if you have questions about setting up your Litmos account.

Shreveport, LA – On Friday, May 27, 2016, PioneerRx unveiled an updated version of its PioneerRx University, an online classroom for users to continue learning about the software as it grows and progresses.

Throughout 2016, PioneerRx has made several major changes, including the launch of its new website. A new PioneerRx University has debuted to further reflect these ongoing changes.

The relaunch includes new video content, easier access to updated courses within the library, and new “badges” users can earn during their progress through the modules. Will Tuft, Director of Education, expresses his excitement for the revamped layout. “For new stores joining our pharmacy system, conversion is quite a process. You have to re-learn to use the tools that run your pharmacy,” he says. “Having access to education materials before installation and afterwards can be incredibly helpful in preparing and moving forward to make sure you’re getting the most out of your system. Expanding our library and sharing new tips and features will be instrumental in changing how our pharmacies are run every day.”

The PioneerRx University can be accessed within the “Help” menu of PioneerRx. If you don’t have a University account, send a call request to your pharmacy's software support specialist to begin your journey with PioneerRx.

About PioneerRx

Developed with the experience of over 35 years of pharmacy software development and support, PioneerRx was built from scratch to provide the pharmacy community with a solution that can grow as the industry changes for the next 35 years.  PioneerRx delivers weekly improvements and cutting edge features that are designed to provide speed, simplicity, consistency and flexibility, however, their ultimate goal of development is to help pharmacies make more money. Leading the industry in first to market functionality in one seamlessly integrated package, PioneerRx Pharmacy Software has become one of the most successful and frequently talked about pharmacy systems in the United States.

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