Shreveport, LA – On June 8, 2016, PioneerRx and FLAVORx announced a new integration within PioneerRx’s Point of Sale.

FLAVORx, a service which allows pharmacies to personalize the taste of liquid medicines for their patients, is now accessible at the PioneerRx POS.

When the patient’s medication is scanned, the PioneerRx system notifies the user that flavoring is an option and prompts the user to offer flavoring services to the patient. Then, the user is presented with choices of recommended and available flavors, or they can view a full list of flavors from the FLAVORx catalog.

Once a flavor is selected, it is added to the patient’s transaction total. Pricing and available flavors are configurable according to the pharmacy.

Chris Cielewich, Vice President and General Manager of FLAVORx, explains this new collaboration with PioneerRx and how it will improve patient health.

For more information about this exciting new integration, submit a call request to your account manager.

About PioneerRx

Developed with the experience of over 35 years of pharmacy software development and support, PioneerRx was built from scratch to provide the pharmacy community with a solution that can grow as the industry changes for the next 35 years.  PioneerRx delivers weekly improvements and cutting edge features that are designed to provide speed, simplicity, consistency and flexibility, however, their ultimate goal of development is to help pharmacies make more money. Leading the industry in first to market functionality in one seamlessly integrated package, PioneerRx Pharmacy Software has become one of the most successful and frequently talked about pharmacy systems in the United States.


FLAVORx, a Maryland-based biotech company, has been helping children take their medicine since 1994. The FLAVORx Pediatric System is available in nearly 45,000 chain and independent pharmacies. Using FLAVORx’s copyrighted flavoring recipes, pharmacists have safely flavored more than 65 million prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, reducing stress levels for parents and giving children some control over their own wellness. The company’s mission is to improve lives and health-related outcomes through higher medication adherence.

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