As a pharmacist, you’ve developed your own rhythm as you work in your pharmacy. Workflow is a key part of this rhythm, but is it in tune with you, or working against you?

We’ve worked with thousands of pharmacies and seen many different workflows. Here’s how PioneerRx’s management software can amplify your pharmacy’s workflow with these optional and flexible features:

Drop Off

It seems simple enough, but if this basic feature isn’t integrated into your system, you’re off to a rocky start. PioneerRx’s customized Intake station gives any employee the ability to add prescriptions to workflow to avoid a cluttered basket of prescriptions.

Data Entry

The doctor’s written prescription and all related information are documented here for record-keeping and billing, and a visual scan of the original script guarantees accuracy.


Pay for your claims transmissions once. Pre-check is your opportunity to verify claims are correct before submitting them to a third party.

Print Queue

How much time is spent organizing paper work? The print queue won’t print any of the patient’s items (label, patient education, etc) until you are ready to print them all at once

Fill Station

The original script you scanned in at Data Entry will verify that you’re dispensing the medication you’re billing for and billing what the doctor prescribed. Also, you can scan the bottle to verify you’re filling and billing the right medication. If there is a mistake, PioneerRx can reverse the claim and resubmit the dispensed NDC with one click.

Will Call

The organization of will call is integrated into the PioneerRx system. Items are scanned into the will call bin, so if asked, you will know exactly where a prescription is. When the prescription is filled, PioneerRx can even send a notification via email or text message to let the patient know their prescription is ready for pick up.

Point Of Sale

And integrated Point of Sale (POS) is an integral part of your pharmacy workflow. Rx alerts from technicians and pharmacists can be passed along, and alerts for other prescriptions ensure the patient has everything they need. This is where you capture the signature and gather your copays. Most importantly, this is where your compliance methods are recorded and easily accessed.


From Drop Off to Point of Sale, each prescription goes on a journey through your pharmacy’s workflow. PioneerRx rethinks each station to make the workflow smooth and painless. The ability to track a prescription’s progress and customize your stations keeps your pharmacy’s rhythm steady and uninterrupted.

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