Irving, TX – Drug Store News recently named PioneerRx Pharmacy Software a 2022 Retail Excellence Award winner. Several vendors, including PioneerRx, received awards in Technology and Innovation categories for their commitment to “continually innovat[e] and enabl[e] pharmacists to practice at the top of their licenses.” Using state-of-the-art software and support, PioneerRx “increas[es] efficiencies so that pharmacies are free to provide a myriad of clinical services, and giv[es] retailers an opportunity to help their customers and patients lead healthier lives.”

Drug Store News is the #1-selling retail pharmacy magazine on the market, with over 40,000 regular readers. Drug Store News offers daily updates, weekly articles, and monthly publications that cover the latest developments in pharmacy.

In its April publication, DSN awarded several vendors for their contributions to pharmacy practice. Awards ranged from Natural Products to OTC and Preventive Health to Technology and Automation.

In the Technology and Automation category, DSN selected twelve vendors based on “their excellence in these highly unprecedented and fiercely competitive times.”

These vendors include PioneerRx, Adheris Health, EnlivenHealth, iA, Inmar Intelligence, InStep Health, KNAPP, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Crocus Medical, OmniSYS, ScriptPro, STC Health, and Surescripts.

DSN describes the winners as “leaders in innovation,” who are willing to “go the extra mile for their customers.”

In the pharmacy management space, PioneerRx is proud to go that extra mile.

PioneerRx offers the most innovative features and capabilities on the market. Features like Native Med Sync, eCare Plan Integrations, Vaccine Reporting, and Med Sync Prep Messaging give independent pharmacies the ability to do more and be more.

And PioneerRx is always looking to improve. Weekly updates and improvements are designed to increase speed, simplicity, and consistency for its network of 5,000 independent pharmacies. Updates are based on input from real PioneerRx users and industry leaders.

That’s because, for PioneerRx, it isn’t just about software. It’s about creating the best solutions and empowering pharmacy professionals everywhere.

PioneerRx is honored to receive the 2022 Retail Excellence Award for Technology and Automation. The award reflects PioneerRx’s commitment to innovation and to independent pharmacy as a whole.

Josh Howland, Senior Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Development, says, “It’s great to be recognized as an innovator in something we’re so passionate about. PioneerRx exists to help independent pharmacies be more technologically capable so they can continue to provide top-tier patient care to those who need it most. Recognition for a REX Award is exciting because it not only shows that our peers recognize the value of technology, but they believe we’re doing it really well.”

Coming off the award, PioneerRx continues to look for new opportunities to optimize its technology and meet the ever-evolving needs of independent pharmacy. That means listening to feedback, developing new technology, and most importantly, continuing the mission to Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy.

PioneerRx thanks Drug Store News for the recognition and looks forward to a continued partnership in the coming years.

To learn more about Drug Store News’s Retail Award Winners in Technology and Automation, click here or purchase a copy of DSN’s latest April magazine.

About PioneerRx:

PioneerRx is committed to Saving and Revitalizing Independent Pharmacy. With unmatched customer support and continuous feature updates, PioneerRx Pharmacy Software equips pharmacies to thrive in a clinical, patient-centered future. By implementing suggestions from users and paving the way for leading industry trends, PioneerRx empowers pharmacies for continued success and improved patient outcomes. To see why PioneerRx is the most installed independent pharmacy software, visit

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