Irving, TX - PioneerRx Pharmacy Software names Josh Howland, Pharm.D., MBA, the new Senior Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Development. Howland moves into the position after 5 years at PioneerRx, during which he has been responsible for overseeing the clinical operations and initiatives of the company as VP of Clinical Strategy. During this time, Howland combined his pharmaceutical background with PioneerRx’s cutting-edge technology to develop new features that enable pharmacies to transform their practice. While at PioneerRx, he has also managed clinical initiatives like CPESN’s Flip the Pharmacy and ensured that PioneerRx software users have the necessary tools for success in the program.

In his new role as Senior VP of Clinical Strategy and Development, Howland takes on a new set of challenges, while continuing to oversee PioneerRx’s clinical operations.

When asked about his goals for the new position, Howland explained, “My priority is to develop a cohesive development strategy across the board. I want to make meaningful changes in the software so that we can improve our services and continue to Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy.”

Within the PioneerRx network, Howland plans to monitor changes in the industry, assess the needs of pharmacies, and create solutions in the software. With additional time and resources to dedicate to the effort, he will be able to strategize new ways to move forward and implement necessary changes for all users.

In addition to working on PioneerRx, Howland plans to expand RxLocal, PioneerRx’s mobile app and suite of pharmacy products. The RxLocal Pharmacy Suite is designed for PioneerRx users and their patients, and includes features such as the Pharmacy Finder, Social Media Assistant, and an RxLocal App with mobile refill requests, patient portal, and a fully integrated HIPAA-Compliant Messenger. Howland will be working to expand the app, particularly the Messenger, so that non-PioneerRx users can use it as well.

He says, “Our goal is to be the number one communication tool for pharmacies, PioneerRx or otherwise. We want to make the Messenger flexible enough that pharmacies are able to do all of the things they need to, as seamlessly as possible.”

Flexible messaging also means that pharmacies will be able to not only communicate with patients but also with other pharmacies in the area.

Howland explains, “Pharmacies are able to function independently, but they have to be able to communicate as one voice. The new Messenger will give them the ability to do that.”

Howland’s initiatives show that his mission is not just to better PioneerRx but to better independent pharmacy as a whole. These are just the first ways he plans to do it as Senior VP of Clinical Strategy and Development. Howland is excited about the chance to grow in his professional career but maintains that a new title is only a secondary concern. No matter his position, his focus remains the same.

He says, “What I care about is the practice of pharmacy, not getting a specific title. I care about making pharmacy better than what it is, and if my title enables me to do that, I’m satisfied.” 

PioneerRx is grateful for Howland’s leadership and innovation and looks forward to seeing how he expands our clinical strategy in the coming weeks, months, and years.

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