Irving, TX - PioneerRx Pharmacy Software is celebrating a new milestone with the installation of its 5,000th active pharmacy location: Ely Drugs in Bowling Green, KY. The software company has been supporting independent pharmacies for 13 years, equipping them with the tools to enhance their quality of patient care and be financially successful. While this is a milestone of company growth, its significance is much more than that. It ties back to the core mission of PioneerRx ー to Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy.  The only way PioneerRx can succeed is to help independent pharmacies succeed, and with an extensive pharmacy network, PioneerRx can better advocate on behalf of its customers.

Finding its start in 2008, PioneerRx has grown to be the most installed independent pharmacy system for five years and counting.¹

Now, just 17 months after reaching the 4,000th store mark, PioneerRx Pharmacy Software is active in 5,000 community pharmacies across the country. A key factor in this growth was the acquisition of PioneerRx by RedSail Technologies late last year, a move that created the largest community-focused pharmacy network in the United States. With the combined network and resources of PioneerRx and RedSail, they have been able to quickly identify and adapt solutions to create a sustainable future for pharmacies.

Especially during the pandemic, it has become apparent that people have a desire to work with independent pharmacies, but there is not a practical way to accomplish this. By communicating through a shared technology platform, independent pharmacies can come together and have a shared voice while still keeping their autonomy as a business.

While these pharmacies operate independently, it is still crucial to have a way to prove their value and negotiate with organizations as a whole.

“Independent pharmacies need a mechanism to truly unify together in a way that gets the attention of the world ー and technology is the answer,” says Jeff Key, President of PioneerRx. “Bringing pharmacies together through a shared pharmacy system lays the groundwork for standardized data that proves the power of independent pharmacy.”

While this expansion of PioneerRx’s network is key to amplifying the voice of  independent pharmacies, it is just as important to maintain the quality of the individual customer experience.

PioneerRx has scaled its growth to still maintain the personalized level of customer support that it is best known for. According to an independent pharmacy study conducted by market research firm Direct Opinions, PioneerRx Pharmacy Software continues to lead the way with the highest customer satisfaction score out of all the top vendors in the industry.

By supporting its customers both on the individual level and as a unified group, PioneerRx is helping innovative, passionate pharmacy teams continue to provide valuable services to their communities.

The PioneerRx team looks forward to continuing its innovation through technology to drive improved healthcare outcomes. With an expanding network, its goal is to build sustainability for community pharmacies and make it easier for outside organizations to collaborate with them on public health initiatives. This milestone marks an important stride forward in PioneerRx’s ability to advocate for the value of independent pharmacy.

¹ Independent Pharmacy Study by Direct Opinions, 2017-2021

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PioneerRx is committed to Saving and Revitalizing Independent Pharmacy. With unmatched customer support and continuous feature updates, PioneerRx Pharmacy Software equips pharmacies to thrive in a clinical, patient-centered future. By implementing suggestions from users and paving the way for leading industry trends, they empower pharmacies for continued success and improved patient outcomes. To see why PioneerRx is the most installed independent pharmacy software, visit

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