The most wonderful time of the year is slowly approaching. Temperatures are falling, days are getting shorter (thanks, daylight savings), and holiday lights are starting to shine at night. 

Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, the perfect time for showing gratitude to yourself and others. It also acts as a reminder of what ultimately matters in your pharmacy: your patients’ health and well-being.

Also, the holiday season is peak flu and COVID season, so get your cold medications and vaccines primed for the incoming rush. 

Here’s how to have a thankful and productive holiday this Thanksgiving. 

Get Ready for the Work Rush 

Your pharmacy is no stranger to the seasonal rush. From back-to-school vaccinations to flu shot wellness events, your pharmacy knows how to handle the sudden influx of patients coming in. 

Flu season (or the last months of the year) is the perfect example of a seasonal rush. A sudden rush of patients come to your pharmacy, all picking up the same kind of medications, namely antibiotics, steroid packs, and cough syrup. 

Make sure to order the appropriate amounts of these medications to accommodate the seasonal rush. 

Having these medications readily available goes a long way in establishing trust in your patients and your community. Your patients will tell their friends that your pharmacy always has medications in stock, growing and strengthening your patient base. 

You’re already halfway there if you’re a PioneerRx user. Our pharmacy software has all the features you need to handle the seasonal rush. Our Reports show you which items are flying off the shelves, letting you create a plan of action. 

Fast-moving products are high-ticket items, so stock your OTC shelves appropriately. You know your patients are looking for cough and cold products, so let that be the first thing your patients see when they step foot in your pharmacy. 

Also, use your pharmacy system to its fullest capabilities during this time. Our pharmacy system helps your pharmacy in several ways, from optimizing your drive-thru to streamlining patient consultations. Using what you have at your disposal is essential in managing the seasonal rush. Your patients and pharmacy’s profits will be all the better for it. 

Read our blog, “7 PioneerRx Features to Grow Your Pharmacy’s Profitability,” to learn more about how PioneerRx can boost your pharmacy’s bottom line. 

Plan Ahead 

Another way to keep your workflow smooth is to plan ahead. Doctors’ offices typically close for the whole week for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. As such, plan accordingly. 

Remind your patients that their refill request or prior authorization might not be processed until the beginning of the following week. They might see it as an inconvenience, but communicating with them ahead of time can make the seasonal rush a little more manageable. 

With the help of your pharmacy software and good old-fashioned communication, your pharmacy can handle whatever comes its way this holiday season. 

Spread the Love (and Gratitude)

Now it’s time to think about the more holistic side of Thanksgiving. Gratitude is the name of the game here and there are plenty of mindful ways you can express gratitude to both your patients and staff. 

Your Patients 

Your patients are the lifeblood of your pharmacy. You can’t fill prescriptions if you don’t have patients. You can’t do much with your wide array of vaccines without an existing patient base. 

Let your patients know they play a large role in your pharmacy’s success. You don’t have to wax poetic about how their getting a flu shot pushes the human race forward (unless you know they’d appreciate that). You can just wish them a happy holiday and thank them for trusting your pharmacy for all their health needs. 

Brevity is the soul of wit, and few words can go a long way in expressing gratitude to your patients. 

Then there’s social media. Patient testimonials are a tried and tested way to showcase your patients and your overall role in the community. 

Not only do testimonials give patients a way to express how they feel about your pharmacy, but it’s a fantastic way to show your gratitude towards them. Read our blog “The Power of Patient Testimonials,” to learn about how powerful they can be for your pharmacy. 

Your Staff 

Now let’s talk about the other side of the patient care equation: your pharmacy staff. You can’t care for your patients if there’s no one to fill a prescription or process an insurance claim. 

Your pharmacy staff — from your clerks to your techs and fellow pharmacists — keep the well-oiled machine known as your pharmacy up and running. Expressing gratitude, especially in this historically hectic time of year, can go a long way in boosting staff morale. 

Thanksgiving is all about food. You can practically smell the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie wafting over you when you just think of the word “Thanksgiving.” In that spirit, switch that white coat for a white chef’s hat and get cooking.

You don’t have to cook an entire meal for your pharmacy staff (extra brownie points if you do). The thought is what counts here, and that thought can go a long way. 

Your pharmacy likely sells seasonal food like cookies and pecan or pumpkin pie (this writer prefers the former), so buy one for your staff to share. Who knows, the extra sugar can give your pharmacy workflow a much-needed boost. 


The holidays are a perfect time to express gratitude for the important people in your life. As a pharmacist, you can’t practice exceptional patient care without your pharmacy staff or patients, so let them know about it. 

It’s all hands on deck when it comes to this time of year, so create a clear plan of action for your pharmacy to handle the seasonal rush. With the help of pharmacy software like PioneerRx, you can more than weather the incoming storm. 

Gratitude comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s on the pharmacy floor or your pharmacy’s social media pages, manage the seasonal rush with heightened productivity and thankfulness. 

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