Sometimes the best kind of marketing requires no budget at all.

One of the keys to maintaining a loyal customer base is positive word of mouth.

Whether through surveys or online reviews, aspiring customers will trust the word of their friend or family member over a fancy marketing campaign (not that those campaigns don’t have their share of advantages).

When it comes to patient testimonials, however, there is hardly anything more effective in showcasing your pharmacy’s capabilities.

When done right, patient testimonials are a proven and powerful way to cement your pharmacy’s place as a true pillar of the community.

The Importance of Patient Testimonials

68% of Americans report that positive reviews make them more likely to use a business, according to BrightLocal. The same applies to potential customers with patient testimonials.

Practice Builders explains what makes patient testimonials transcend the average review, highlighting that those patients were once potential customers at one point.

There is a certain level of trust between aspiring customers and actual patients.

Patient testimonials appeal to their uncertainty and hesitancy in trying out a new pharmacy.

Change is scary. The idea of plunging into the unknown is a frightening one when it to comes to a patient’s medicine and health journey.

Patient testimonials work to address those worries and assure them that they’re in good hands with your independent pharmacy.

Patient testimonials have a level of authenticity that certain marketing campaigns simply can’t achieve. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the patient experience.

Your pharmacy can offer the most state-of-the-art and advanced clinical services in the entire community — and that’s great!

However, it won’t amount to much if the quality of patient care doesn’t improve. Your patients are the backbone of your pharmacy, the key factor in its success.

Patient testimonials are the perfect example of reaping what you sow. Your hard work and dedication toward patient care will pay off in due time.

They’re proof that your independent pharmacy often goes above and beyond what’s expected. Let the patients do the talking and the rest will fall into place.

Now that we know the importance and power of patient testimonials, here are ways to hone that power and let everyone know what your pharmacy is all about.

Ask the Right Patients

It’s all about positive word of mouth when it comes to patient testimonials.

As a pharmacist, you know when you’re going above and beyond for your patient — taking that extra phone call, double or triple checking that their prescription is filled and processed correctly, and taking a little extra time during that consultation.

You have a certain intuition that lets you know when you’re going that extra mile, whether it’s the tone of your patient’s voice or a glimmer in their eyes. It’s a truly niche thing that only healthcare professionals can attest to.

These patients are tailor-made for patient testimonials. You can always ask them to do an online survey.

Wait a day or two after they submitted the survey, contact them, and ask them specific questions about their experiences.

  • What made their experience go from good to great?
  • How has our pharmacy contributed to your health journey?
  • What made you choose our pharmacy over another?

Be sure to ask other questions that relate to that particular experience. If you deliverable remarkable services, your patients will gladly sing your pharmacy’s praises. It’s all a matter of doing the work and knowing who and how to ask.

Beyond doing the exceptional, your longtime patients are also perfect for patient testimonials. You have a loyal customer base for a reason, so ask them why they’ve stuck around for all this time.

Not only will they give insight that looks good on paper, but it’ll also help you see your independent pharmacy from a different — and maybe enlightening — perspective.

The path to innovation takes many twists and turns. Even a simple conversation can jumpstart a grand idea.

Note: always ask your patients if they are comfortable with being a part of a patient testimonial.

If they are not confident in their writing abilities, offer to draft one up for them based on their feedback. Naturally, show them the draft before moving forward.

Be Specific

They say the more specific your story is, the more relatable it becomes. Such is the case for patient testimonials.

Everyone’s health journey is indeed unique but you’d be surprised how many people can resonate with the feelings behind their experience. The road they take might be their own, but the emotional aspect is universal.

This requires your patient to be open about their experience with your independent pharmacy.

Some are understandably reluctant to open up about their health journey, so don’t press them — this is supposed to be a conversation, not an interrogation.

Patients, both aspiring and long-time, know an exceptional pharmacy when they see one. Patient testimonials are the perfect way to showcase your patient’s stories, inspiring others to take their own health journeys more seriously.

The more specific your patient testimonials, the greater its outreach.

How to Share Your Patient Testimonials

Now comes the more technical and legal side of things. Patient testimonials are a fantastic tool, as long as your patient gives permission.

Your pharmacy still operates within the HIPAA rules and regulations and posting a patient testimonial without their expressed consent will result in an avalanche of legal troubles.

Ask your patient about using their name or likeness at the same time you ask them about being part of the testimonial. It’s a quick ask that will mitigate that minefield of litigation.

You now have the testimonial and your patient’s approval. How do you share these golden words of wisdom?

Share your patient and testimonials on your social media outlets (check out our “The 5 Facebook Best Practices for Your Pharmacy” blog for ways to enhance your pharmacy’s presence on the site).

It goes without saying to make these posts look great with great visuals and proper dimensions for each social media site.

Dedicate a page on your pharmacy’s website to patient testimonials. Potential customers’ ears will perk up when your website has a full page of longtime customers singing your pharmacy’s praises.

Positive word of mouth is great but it can only help your pharmacy if you shine a light on it. By letting your patients do the talking, you’re letting your community know what your independent pharmacy is all about.

Harness the Power of Patient Testimonials

Now that you know the importance of patient testimonials and how to wield their mighty power, you can expand your independent pharmacy’s outreach. Your patients are a seminal part of your pharmacy’s long-term success.

There’s no pharmacy without the patient, so let their voices shine through in the form of patient testimonials.

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