With great power comes great responsibility. As a pharmacist, you know this better than most. You play a vital role in your patient’s health journey. You’re also in charge of a team of pharmacy technicians and clerks, so add “team leader” or “head coach” to your job description. 

While you’re at it, add “business owner” to your list of titles. Independent pharmacies are a business, and businesses need to profit to stay afloat. 

Modern-day pharmacies provide a wide range of services, ranging from vaccines to compounding to even rewards programs. And rightfully so — your pharmacy should do more than fill prescriptions. 

But what about your pharmacy software system? How does it help your pharmacy’s profitability?  PioneerRx provides a slew of profit-driving features to help your pharmacy thrive — both in the financial and healthcare realms. 

Here are 7 PioneerRx features to boost your profitability. 

OTC Offerings 

It's no secret that third-party reimbursements aren't what they used to be. But it’s not all doom and gloom. OTC offerings are a great way to offer tailored solutions that build rapport, improve sales, and — most importantly — improve patient outcomes. 

PioneerRx can help you identify opportunities to enhance the patientgoing experience. System tools are already in place for many use cases. 

For example, when a patient gets an antibiotic, offer a probiotic to help improve their gut health. An alert at the point of sale can help your team catch every opportunity. 

The neat thing is that you can apply these tools to custom applications as well! All in all, OTC offerings ensure your patients are getting the most out of their experience at your pharmacy — and the most out of their health journey. 


Another way to drive your pharmacy’s profits with PioneerRx is further utilizing your Reports. The Reports feature keeps track of your pharmacy’s sales, letting you track the movement of certain products. 

You notice that a certain antihistamine or anti-inflammatory is flying off the shelves. Knowing this, you can promote those products on your pharmacy’s social media pages, further driving your pharmacy’s profits. You will also order more so they won’t sell out quickly, which prevents you from losing sales in the long run. 

This will come in handy during flu season when certain over-the-counter products are bound to sell out. 

Fast-moving products may warrant higher stocking levels. Consider organizing products that complement those fast movers to be prominently displayed to encourage additional sales.

Shelf Stickers 

While you're reviewing those retail items, make sure you're keeping your shelves updated with supplier prices. Shelf Stickers help you manage your Shelf Prices to reflect the changes in your supplier’s catalog. Drug prices change all the time and this feature will keep you in the know about the latest fluctuations. 

Check out our blog, How Over-the-Counter Health Products Can Help Your Pharmacy Grow, to learn more about how OTC products can take your profits to the next level. 

Rx Transaction Review 

The Rx Advanced Search area allows the pharmacy to generate focused data sets for review. Your pharmacy can create and save custom grid layouts for active analysis and schedule custom reports. 

For example, create a custom Search and grid display to review immunization claims from the last 30 days to make sure all claims were maximized with the correct DUR and incentive amount! This type of analysis doesn't take long and can find those easily missed opportunities for optimization.

Leave no stone unturned with the Rx Transaction Review, ensuring that you and your pharmacy are getting the biggest reimbursement possible. With flu season upon us, it’s time to kick this feature into gear. 

Recommended Order 

The Recommended Order feature can shop all of your suppliers at once for the best buy. In fact, PioneerRx’s ordering tools facilitate equivalent ordering to find the best NDC from the best supplier. The system can even help you generate reorder points based on usage!

The Recommended Order feature streamlines your pharmacy’s ordering process by letting you pick up where you left off. Not only does this save you time but it also ensures you’re consistent in your ordering.

Patient Notifications 

Sometimes the best solutions are also the simplest. The Patient Notifications feature on PioneerRx does exactly what it sounds like: notify the patient when a prescription is ready.

But it goes beyond a simple text. PioneerRx’s Patient Notifications ensure patients get notified their way. Does your patient prefer calls over text messages? Do they prefer getting messages in a different language? Whatever it is, PioneerRx has you and your patient covered. 

Patient notifications ensure that your pharmacy is running with fewer interruptions. A more efficient team is a profit machine, a clear example of how your software can enhance your pharmacy’s workflow. 

RedSail RxCash+

RedSail Technologies' RxCash+ program helps your cash-paying patients save money and also enhances your pharmacy’s bottom line. By offering active price management, rebate and copay assistance opportunities, and dedicated program coaches, RedSail RxCash+ drives revenue uplift for your pharmacy and savings opportunities for your patients.

RedSail Technologies SVP of Pharmacy Network Services Programs (and one of PioneerRx’s very first employees) Jenny Roe explains how RedSail RxCash+ helps both your pharmacy and patients. 

"I'm truly excited about RedSail RxCash+! It offers an innovative solution for independent pharmacies, enabling them to navigate the ever-changing healthcare landscape, profit from potential rebates, extend copay assistance to cash-paying patients, and maintain financial sustainability by effectively managing wholesaler price fluctuations through dynamic pricing strategies.”

One Tree Planted/Conclusion

At PioneerRx, we know firsthand the importance of running a successful pharmacy. Not only are you helping your patients become a healthier version of themselves, but you’re running — and growing — a successful business. 

PioneerRx is excited to share that it has teamed up with One Tree Planted, a non-profit dedicated to planting trees all around the world. For every software system installed, PioneerRx will plant one tree until Earth Day 2024.

These features showcase how PioneerRx can grow your pharmacy, taking your workflow and revenue stream to new heights. With the help of One Tree Planted, you can show how a strong and sturdy pharmacy can positively impact everything around it — just like a tree in a forest. 

Check our One Tree Planted landing page to see how both new pharmacies and existing customers can contribute to the initiative. Help us reach our goal of 1,000 trees planted by Earth Day 2024!

For more feature-centric content, check out our blog, 3 PioneerRx Features You Should Be Using, and visit PioneerRx University for even more software tips and tricks. 

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