The beauty of the independent pharmacy industry is how you can put your own unique spin on patient care. You’re helping patients your way, and your community is all the better for it. 

The same applies to your workflow. PioneerRx lets you customize your workflow, letting you go about pharmacy work your way. Your workflow has gotten you this far, so why mess with a good thing? 

We believe that if your workflow ain’t broken, don’t fix it. But you can always make it even better. PioneerRx is filled with helpful and innovative features to take your pharmacy workflow to the next level. 

This isn’t about reinventing the wheel — it’s about making a smoother ride. 

Here are some PioneerRx features you should be using right now. 

Embrace the New 

PioneerRx has a myriad of features to enhance your pharmacy’s workflow. The slew of weekly new features acts as a way to improve daily operations. PioneerRx can transform your pharmacy’s workflow if you let it. 

On the other hand, it can help improve your workflow’s foundation, creating possibilities and opportunities to innovate that you hadn’t thought of before. 

Whether you’re a clinical pharmacist or a retail maestro, PioneerRx’s features let you do pharmacy work your way. That’s what makes independent pharmacy unique: the best care is personal care, and PioneerRx is there to help you do just that. 

2D Barcode Scanners 

2D Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanning isn’t anything new in pharmacies or in any place of business. It’s a staple of the filling process: scan your bottle, the prescription label prints out, and start dispensing. It was simple then and it remains so. 

But things can appear a bit more complicated with the upcoming DSCSA compliance deadline. PioneerRx’s 2D Barcode Scanners seamlessly let you remain DSCSA compliant. Simply scan a barcode as you always do, and the system will automatically record the lot information as you’re dispensing. 

Streamline the DSCSA compliance process by letting PioneerRx do the heavy lifting. This makes pharmacy work more efficient for the pharmacy, maximizing patient convenience. 

Erin Dalton, RedSail Technologies’ Director of Education and Training, explains the importance of 2D barcode scanning, particularly for DSCSA compliance. 

“Electronic product verification is key to compliance with the next phase of DSCSA, slated to roll out in November of this year.  2D barcode scanning allows our pharmacies to be able to capture required product information and quickly compare it to electronic files sent by trading partners, efficiently identifying any inconsistencies and quarantining products that may need to be removed from the supply chain for suspected counterfeiting.”

Stay tuned for next week’s blog about the ins and outs of DSCSA compliance.  

Report Designer

If there's a report that you use every day in the pharmacy, make sure it's as helpful as possible. PioneerRx adds new fields on a regular basis for templates throughout the system. 

Sure the Will Call return report is helpful as is. But it could be even more helpful to add a patient's notification preference and language before contacting your patients to pick up their prescriptions. 

Patient convenience is a vital factor in determining repeat customers. The more convenient you make the patient-going experience, the more likely they will come back. 

By focusing on a patient’s notification preference, you’re ensuring you’re making the patient going experience as smooth and convenient as possible. 

Think about what reports you run on a regular basis, once you've taken a few minutes to optimize that report, automate the report generation using Scheduled Reports. This is a great way to automate and enhance your pharmacy’s workflow, giving you more time to deal with more urgent pharmacy tasks. 

Quick Item 

Chances are your independent pharmacy sells more than prescriptions or over-the-counter products. Your independent pharmacy might have a bakery or sell other unique products that aren’t pharmacy related (though a cup of coffee is definitely pharmacy related). 

The Quick Item feature is a great way to add items that don’t already have an available barcode such as a cup of coffee (still pharmacy-related), newspaper, or locally baked goods. 

This feature also helps with other pharmacy services such as pharmacy deliveries, ensuring you perform your tasks effectively and efficiently. 

It also creates consistent sale receipts, making any accounting process a breeze. You can also perform an analysis of the movement of these items, giving you an idea of how customers interact with a particular product. This is a huge plus for pharmacy owners who meticulously plan their pharmacy layouts. 

Patient Social History 

Patient Social History feature

Patient Social History feature

Many aspects of a patient’s life play a crucial role in their health journeys. The basics begin with their diet, recreational habits, and what medications they are already taking. 

But PioneerRx lets you go beyond the basics, giving you a digital microscope to zero in on your patient’s health. One of the best examples is the Patient Social History feature. 

This adds a sociological element to patient care, helping you look at your patients more than a number or prescription number. The Patient Social History Feature lets you fill a patient’s profile with as much information as possible: race, gender, preferred name, demographics, etc. 

While this feature won’t exactly enhance your pharmacy’s workflow, it will help you get to know your patient better. As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest appeals of independent pharmacy is how you can provide a personalized version of patient care. 

This feature helps you do exactly that. You know patient care is more than just numbers, sales, or meeting a financial quota — it’s all about truly helping the patient. PioneerRx’s Patient Social History feature lets you do just that: putting the “care” in “patient care.” 


We’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to fully utilizing PioneerRx. As a PioneerRx user, you already know just how expansive and varied our features our. 

Whether you’re on the retail floor or prefer a more clinical slant, our features help you achieve the workflow of your pharmacy’s dreams. 

Independent pharmacies are all about innovating in the patient care realm. Things are going well, but they can always be better. 

Visit our New Features on Support Center to learn more about new PioneerRx features to better enhance your workflow. 

Want to know even more about PioneerRx’s new features? PioneerRx University gives you a detailed rundown on how PioneerRx can transform your pharmacy’s workflow.

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