Podcasts are all the rage nowadays. Chances are you have a friend who has one about their favorite sports team. Starting a podcast has become the modern-day version of starting a band — everyone is doing it.

The pharmacy industry, in this ultra-specific case, is no exception. Pharmacy podcasts are sprouting out from the digital ground left and right, with some of the best and brightest pharmacy minds discussing a myriad of relevant topics.

Like reading and getting out of your pharmacy to attend trade shows, listening to pharmacy podcasts can give you your next lightbulb moment. Innovation is often brought about by conversation and collaboration, and pharmacy podcasts have become the central hub for such innovations.

Lucky for you, we at PioneerRx and RedSail Technolgies have our wellspring of innovation through our own podcasts. Read on to learn what makes up our podcast network and some other podcasts you might want to check out.

Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast

First up is our flagship, the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast. Hosted by RedSail Technologies’ SVP of Sales Mark Bivins, the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast is your one stop shop for all things pharmacy, from pharmacy ownership to embracing and learning new industry trends.

Catalyst, as well as our other shows, isn’t a one-man show, however. We welcome guests from all over the pharmacy industry. Whether you’re looking for PBM reform, current pharmacy events, modern pharmacy business practices, or simply a stimulating conversation with some industry rockstars, the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast is for you.

Beyond the Scripts

Every episode of the Beyond the Scripts Podcast begins with the question, “What does a pharmacist do?” That very question is the very basis of this podcast hosted by PioneerRx’s Will Tuft.

Also known as BTS, the PioneerRx Feature maestro welcomes PioneerRx pharmacy software users as they get into the nitty gritty of pharmacy work, particularly how you can use your pharmacy degree and knowledge in new and exciting ways.

Every episode, Will welcomes pharmacy wizards who are using their expertise in ways that transform the pharmacy industry. Pharmacy work goes beyond the counter (and the scripts) and doesn’t always happen with a white coat. One listen to the Beyond the Scripts Podcast can jumpstart your pharmacy operations in ways you couldn’t imagine.


Long-term care pharmacy has been filling the pharmacy waves in recent years, showcasing a different kind of patient care. It's a rapidly growing subsect of the industry, offering new ideas on how to run your pharmacy business and care for your community.

Enter the AmplifyLTC Podcast. Hosted by RedSail Technologies’ Chief Strategy Officer Frances Nahas, the podcast dives deep into everything LTC pharmacy, from the financial to the holistic. Frances welcomes guests from all over the LTC world, discussing everything under the long-term care sun, including combo shops, legislative developments, and even improving workplace morale.

Now, let’s look at some out-of-house pharmacy podcasts that are worth a listen.

The Entrepreneurial Pharmacy Podcast

Pharmacy accounting can be an overlooked part of the industry. Nevertheless, it’s essential to cross your t’s and dot your i‘s when it comes to your pharmacy’s financials. That’s where The Entreprenurial Pharmacy Podcast comes in.

Join hosts Ollin and (friend of the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast) Scotty Sykes as they dish out effective pharmacy CPA advice to streamline your pharmacy’s financial operations.

For more on Scotty, check out his appearance on the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast.


The Rxperience Podcast is hosted by ASCP’s Chad Worz, where he and guests discuss the everchanging world of senior care. Anyone who knows Chad (check out his appearance on the AmplifyLTC Podcast here) knows his easygoing attitude and knack for injecting humor into the proceedings.

Rxperience is the perfect spot to learn how you can up your senior care game (and have a laugh or two).

Becoming a Pharmacy Badass

Profitability is the name of the pharmacy game, and Dr. Lisa Faast knows the ins and outs of pharmacy finance. Though pharmacists face several industry-wide challenges, she sees room for opportunity and innovation. In her podcast, join the Pharmacy Badass (and friend of the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast) herself as she walks you through the 6 Pillars of Pharmacy Profitability to help realize the pharmacy of your dreams.


Pharmacy podcasts are a treasure trove of knowledge, innovation, and inspiration for professionals in the industry. By tuning into these insightful discussions, you can stay ahead of the curve, learn from industry leaders, and apply new ideas to your practice.

Whether you’re checking out podcasts from our network or listening to some of our fellow pharmacy podcasters, these shows can help you navigate the ever-evolving world of pharmacy. Explore our podcasts and others to enrich your professional journey and transform your pharmacy operations.

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