Congratulations to Trumm Drug in Alexandria, Minnesota! The pharmacy staff recently received Health Mart’s 2019 Pharmacy of the Year Award. Continue reading to learn more about their success with patient care, hospitals, marketing, and community involvement.

Pharmacy ownership, let alone owning an award-winning pharmacy, was not on Aaron Finley’s mind when he began working at Trumm Drug in 2002.

However, over the course of 17 years with Trumm Drug, “I kind of slowly changed the longer I was here,” Finley reflects, now the President and co-owner alongside Alan Fettig.

Trumm Drug opened in Alexandria, Minnesota in 1951 and has now expanded to 5 locations in the area. Trumm offers an expanse of products and services including compliance packaging with Medicine-On-Time, compounding, delivery, MTM, home medical supplies, delivery, and Med Sync.

“We do focus on our clinical services. Our Med Sync program is kind of our foundation for everything else that we do,” Finley reports.

In addition, Trumm maintains a personable and knowledgable staff and a robust front end selection.

Truly humble, when Finley and Fettig were networking at ideaShare, they were honored to answer the flood of questions from their peers about clinical services and operations.

“We both just kind of assumed that everybody was doing what we’re doing,” Finley notes.

According to Health Mart, Trumm drug stood out based on the following criteria: patient care, working with hospitals, marketing, and community involvement.

Finley states that this year Health Mart developed performance measures for clinical activities, an area in which Trumm Drug also shines.

Unable to pick a ‘favorite’ PioneerRx feature, Finley informs that Care Plans and Med Sync have made their pharmacy more efficient and successful. He also highlights the seamless integration with other technology vendors, which improves their workflow.

Although PioneerRx is what fuels their pharmacy system, Trumm’s patients are what fuel their passion.

“My goal when I wake up every day is to make Trumm Drug better than it was the previous day and our patients healthier than they were the previous day. That’s what we do every day all day,” Finley says sentimentally. “It’s kind of what we’ve been doing for a long time. They’re used to it and appreciate it.”
Finley offered parting advice for pharmacies inspired to get to the next level: “The first thing is to motivate or identify somebody that can champion that initiative and then to start small to get practice and to work out the kinks.”

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