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Ghada Abukuwaik, RPh, of Curemed Pharmacy in Clifton, NJ, was honored with the 2019 NCPA Outstanding Adherence Practitioner Award for her impressive work towards medication adherence. In this episode, Abukuwaik speaks on the importance of med sync and the approach she and her team take towards improving patient outcomes.

As value-based care becomes the new foundation of healthcare, medication synchronization (med sync) is a great way to offer enhanced care and convenience to high-volume or chronic care patients.

Med sync organizes all of a patient’s medications and OTCs to be picked up on the same day each month.

Before filling all the patient’s prescriptions, the pharmacy may call the patient to go over any changes in therapy or health that could affect that month’s synchronized fill. The assigned pick-up day promises better adherence from your patients, while also streamlining your workflow to save time and increase opportunity for OTC sales.

Our team of PioneerRx Med Sync Specialists are a great resource to help you kickstart or maintain your own program. With years of experience, they have a thorough understanding of the med sync process in independent pharmacies.

Siler City Pharmacy has offered med sync services for years, but Angelynn Fox, owner and pharmacist in charge, found PioneerRx to be the solution to their initial woes.

Her first attempt with paper calendars was, according to Angelynn, “an epic fail” since she wasn’t able to deliver the care she had promised her patients.

Since converting to PioneerRx six years ago, the team at Siler City Pharmacy has watched their med sync program grow and evolve along with the software.

“We have the ability to coordinate more than just our sync. We can coordinate our sync calls and MTM functionality,” she describes. “There are fields in PioneerRx that just make sense for setting up a sync date, or a future call date. Then, the calculations that the software does for us to determine the short fill necessary for sync medications – that’s huge!”

Angelynn has witnessed many patients benefit from med sync, including a diabetes patient whose A1C levels weren’t at-goal due to noncompliance.

Now that her diabetes medication is filled on a routine schedule, the patient has better control of her diabetes and A1C levels, and she maintains good communication with the pharmacy staff.

For pharmacists like Angelynn, med sync is a powerful tool to bring effective change to their patients’ lives. PioneerRx ensures its users have access to the most innovative features within the pharmacy management system to keep patients healthy.  

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